Mah Stapler. Plus Outrage.

I believe you haz it.

Image shows Misha curled up with a stapler.

She’s a total goofball sometimes.

We’re planning to be off to Fidalgo Island again later today. As I spent the entire night screaming at the climate change chapter of our BJU earth “science” text, I haven’t got anything of substance for today. Enjoy Yet Another Kitty Photo, then go purchase a bite stick, punching bag, ounce of weed, 50 gallon drum of choice liquor, and a three-months supply of your favorite chill pills. Yes, it’s that bad. Worse, actually. Forget I ever said anything nice about BJU. I’ve decided ACE is actually not as awful.

Now, you’ve got time to lay in suitable supplies, because I’m not rebooting this series until September, but you should get to shopping before stock runs out.

I really regret being out of Xanax right now. And I don’t know if I’ll survive this series without a major heart attack. But it must be done.

I’ll have new Fidalgo pics for ye, tomorrow, as long as we make it up there, and possibly more cute cat pics just after. For now, I’m going to try to drain the rage-adrenaline and catch a bit of sleep before we vamanos.







Mah Stapler. Plus Outrage.

3 thoughts on “Mah Stapler. Plus Outrage.

  1. rq

    Climate change? Sure, but it ain’t heating up – it’s snowing in Australia as we speak! (Well, it was yesterday…)
    Then again, I’m sitting in the middle of an above-30s (Celsius) streak way up here in almost-north eastern Europe, that smashed all previous heat records today and is expected to continue for another week and a half.
    I wonder what the christianists will conclude from all of this?

    Thanks for the heads-up to stock up on the supplies, by the way. I will take heed.

  2. 3

    If they are truly christian and follow the Sermon on the Mount (Consider the Lillies… take no thought for the morrow for it will take care of itself….) then it will not be a problem for them since the text includes saying that god will provide. Or if they want to follow Ecclesiastes they will just eat drink and be merry for Christ will come tomorrow. (Indeed I have been reading books about the early period of Christianity, and its clear that at that time they did not think the world had long to last. For example the Gnostics were ascetic and eschewed children and sex. There have been groups since the second century that tried the same message such as the Shakers in the US, needless to say they all died out.

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