Karen Locke at Last!

Ah, my darlings, ETEV has at last acquired Karen Locke as a guest blogger! Don’t ask me what we went through figuring out how to get her added. Let’s just be happy it happened, with a little help from my fellow FtBers. This means Karen can now post her own geopoetry, along with whatever else catches her fancy.

She’ll be along to introduce herself shortly. Give her a good warm welcome.

I have, with Jason Thibeault’s help, added sparkles behind our names. This began as a joke, but I figured it’s a good way to prompt people to notice who’s writing what round here. If it drives you nuts, let me know. Don’t yell at Jason. He’s only doing my bidding. Also, he illustrated one of his recent posts with a delicious bit of geology, so you can’t hold grudges.

If sparkles turn out to be too annoying or difficult, we’ll figure out another way to alert you to who’s writing what. Maybe we’ll make banners to go across the top of each post. With sparkles.


(We’re working to fix bugs resulting from the site redesign. If you continue to experience strange issues, let me know about them here. The sparkles are a feature, not a bug, but you can tell me how much you despise them there if you like.

Also, since Askimet’s failing miserably at spam control, I’m turning on comment registration. If you get horribly inconvenienced by it, let me know at dhunterauthor at yahoo. This is only a test.)

Karen Locke at Last!
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8 thoughts on “Karen Locke at Last!

  1. 2

    What sparkles? Where?
    Actually, I don’t see anything that could be described as sparkles..
    Is it something that my security addons may be blocking?

    Remember to add Karen to

    My cobloggers, Jacob and Steamforged, and I are delighted to be your cantineras y cantinero

    in the ABOUT THE AUTHOR blurb.

  2. 3

    Gracias. If you don’t see anything behind Dana Hunter at the top of the post, then yes, your security dealies are blocking the sparkles. No sparkles for you. :-(

  3. 8

    No sparkles for you. :-(

    So you say. Well, I just found where the glitter is from and instructed the RequestPolicy addon to allow FTB to make requests to addglitter.com. So there. Ha!
    Sparklies for me!!!!lebenty!!!

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