Una Aventura Más

In a few hours, I shall be off to Oregon for one last adventure while summer lingers. I know some of you are experiencing horrible weather, and I’m sorry. I truly am. I’ll be rubbing your nose lightly in the fact that we’re in the 70s and dry as a bone for a few days more. But I’ll make it up to you by bringing you back some really delicious geology. I don’t even know what, yet – Lockwood and I are kind of playing it by ear.

I’m hoping to see my boys and Suzanne while I’m there, but I’m not sure where we’ll be, so it’ll be one of those call-at-the-last-minute-to-see-if-they’re-free sort of things. Here’s hoping! Then it’s back home, and possibly one last day of sweet sunshine before the rain and the cold arrive at last.

I’ve put some time off and the weather to good use. I haz things for ye. I have erratics, and flowers, and birds, and salmon, and even an insect or two. Yes, proper insects, not spiders. Although I’ve got some outstanding spider footage, which you shall have soon. I have some really lovely shots of various and sundry, one of which you may have now:

Last roses of summer.

Bloom’s not quite off the rose yet.

And I finally got a shot of that thing I’m convinced is probably a nutria.

Nutria I

I’d been booking it full-speed for home at that point, and would have missed this if a woman hadn’t been staring at it and asked me what it was as I passed. Not a beaver, she said. Muskrat? No, not that. And I remembered it started with an n.

Nutria II

Then she remembered “nutria” and between that and the photos, we felt pretty good about our day’s work.

Nutria III

Cute little bugger for an invasive species, but then, it seems, most invasives are. They might not be around North Creek for long. They’re not welcome in Washington State. So I’m glad I got a photo while I could, because even though they’re destructive bastards, they’re still interesting.

Right. I’m off to pack, then, and shall see you shortly. I’ve got some posts ready to roll so you won’t be neglected, and hopefully there’ll be some shots from the road. Fun times ahead!

Una Aventura Más

6 thoughts on “Una Aventura Más

  1. 1

    woohoo – road trip!!! hope we get to hook up, even if only for a few minutes *cough*memory foam inn down the road*cough*

    even if we don’t connect (i’m free all week btw), i love it when you road trip. looking forward to reading about your adventures!

  2. rq

    Great nutria!
    Looking forward to some awesome geology and other stories when you return! Have a great trip, and enjoy the weather while it’s pleasant!

  3. 4

    @hiliconia: They’re not only established, they’re a pest.

    My first thought on seeing the picture was “Could it be a mountain beaver?” But those appear to be almost tailless. It’s a nutria, all right.

  4. Ann

    I hope you have safe travels! Take lots of pictures & videos, please, I do enjoy them so.
    I hope you can meet up with all the people you hope to see.
    Maybe you can start planning your next trip, & have it so others can join you too. Someday I would love to join you too on one of these outings, they all seem so interesting.

    I’m surprise to see you have those creatures so far north. They are a big problem in LA. Most of the ones I’ve seen have had reddish looking teeth.

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