Not Just a Week, but "A" Week

Visitors to my Facebook page will notice a change to ye olde profile photo:

Scarlet A Over Ruby Beach Sea Stack

It’s A Week on Facebook, y’see, and since I had other, more pressing concerns having to do with getting my crap together for a rather exciting upcoming event which I can’t announce just yet but soon will, I decided to spend an hour in Corel trying to plaster a great big atheist A over a sea stack at Ruby Beach. Don’t talk to me about working with layers in Corel. I suck at it.

I’ve had the scarlet A in my sidebar for some time now, and I like it. Atheists shouldn’t need to hide away. And that’s why campaigns like A Week are worth spending an hour wrestling with Corel for: the world gets to see a lot of out-and-proud atheists going round doing atheist things like geeking out over teevee shows and gawking at cute animals and drooling over some particularly tasty science and rooting for sports teams and bragging about their kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews and reading books and getting ready for Rock Beyond Belief. Which I regret not being able to go to, so if you’re going to be near Fort Bragg, NC on March 31st, you should go (it’s free!) and then drop by to tell me what a great time I missed. Go ahead. Rub it in. Pour some salt on, too.

If you’re an atheist on Facebook, and you want to create your own super-awesome Scarlet A profile pic, you can grab an A with a transparent background here, and have at. If your Corel/Photoshop/other program skillz are even worse than mine, you can choose from a wide selection of wonderful A designs here.

And now I’m going to stop babbling. I must get back to the work I’m avoiding. Which involves Corel. Sob.

Not Just a Week, but "A" Week

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