New Computer is New and Powderhorn365

Eeeeee! New laptop acquired!

It’s pretty, too.

I went with an ASUS Q553 PC Notebook this time around. I’m managing my way around Windows 10 (a moment of silence for Photo Gallery and I’ve yet to figure out how to resize photos within W10. Hello Paint, my old friend). I’ve managed to sign into the most popular of all of my websites. I’ve adequately convinced both Origin and Steam that I actually own the games that I’d purchased on my other computer AND I’ve been able to open them and confirm that all of my saves carried over.

And here’s my latest submission to Powderhorn365. It’s not up on the website yet, so you get the sneak peak of the newest photo in this year’s record!

Rainy Day Walk in the Park

Two people walking across the grass down a slight slope, their pink umbrella a contrast against the lush green trees behind them.

These two shared an umbrella for a drizzly stroll through Powderhorn Park on Saturday.

New Computer is New and Powderhorn365

Saturday P365: Peace

This past Saturday morning I tried to stop for coffee at Cafe Southside located on Chicago near 34th street. Alas, the cafe was not yet open, but I did tromp around through the snow in the outdoor garden and grabbed a few photos for Powderhorn 365. The black and white is the one I submitted.

Black and white photo - a bird house atop a 6-7' pole is along the right of the image, bare flowers with dried buds line the bottom. A row of two-story houses and fences extended throughout the photo. A white, square pole about 5-6' tall is center in the image, and the words "May Peace Prevail on Earth" is written vertically down the pole on the side facing the camera.

May Peace Prevail on Earth

Cafe Southside - A two-story building with a giant, colorful mural. In the foreground three bike frames repurposed as garden art. An outdoor table with a closed bar umbrella. Snow covers the garden. Houses visible in the background. The sky is still husky blue as the sun is about to rise.

Sunrise at Cafe Southside

The brick and windowed front of Cafe Southside. In the window is a Black Lives Matter Sign. On the sidewalk is an airbrushed sandwich board with the words "South City Cafe - Cafe Southside - Fair Trade Coffee + Salads Sandwiches"

Black Lives Matter ~ Cafe Southside


Saturday P365: Peace

Saturday P365 – Art Sled Rally

I took this photo for the Powderhorn365 project on Saturday:

A sled made to look like a garden bed with a cardboard sunflower rising up. An adult and several kids are holding on and the sled has started to turn sideways. A crowd on onlookers stands several deep, cheering and smiling for the sledders.

This was shot at the 2016 Art Sled Rally in Powderhorn Park. Dozens and dozens of people built sleds with wood, cardboard, paper mache and other common supplies, and they each took their turn sledding down the run that the festival built using hay bale squares. Continue reading “Saturday P365 – Art Sled Rally”

Saturday P365 – Art Sled Rally

Saturday P365

Saturday was frickin’ freezing cold, but the Powderhorn365 waits for no weather. I took my camera and my bundled up butt for a short walk through the neighborhood. The tennis courts near my house have been closed for months, but the snow in the courts has been thoroughly trampled. Anyone fancy a game of winter tennis on a snow court? New Olympic sport, perhaps?

Four tennis nets run diagonally across the photo. Heavily traversed snow is visible on both sides of the nets. Dark green conifers are in the background, along with some thick bare tree trunks.

Saturday P365

Powderhorn365 – It begins!

I’ve recently become involved with a neighborhood photography project called Powderhorn365.  I had been looking for ways to get involved in my new neighborhood and this seemed right up my alley. I started attending monthly P365 committee meeting and submitted a few photos for days on which substitute photographers were needed. Last fall I put in an application to become one of the seven weekly photographers – and I was accepted! My 2016 term started two weeks ago, and I’ve decided to cross-post those publications here.

Powderhorn 365’s Mission: “Through the lenses of volunteer photographers, Powderhorn365 tells the daily stories of the Powderhorn Park neighborhood: making people and places visible, documenting history and celebrating life. Powderhorn365 produces a visual, community-written narrative through photo postings, photobooks and exhibits.”

Some of my 2015 P365 photos are here.

January 2nd

Indoors - a bright orange wall dominates the background of the photo, and we are looking at the corner of a large room. An window-like opening in the wall peers up into a second story studio. Large framed art covers both walls. A woman stands behind the counter, a man leans against the front of the counter. Both are looking at the camera with smiles. A water dispenser and shovels are in the background.
Twilight Tattoo – A proprietor and customer at Twilight Tatoo take a moment away from business to smile for Powderhorn365. Twilight Tattoo is on Cedar between Lake and 31st Street.

January 9th

Two men in warm clothing smiling broadly at the camera. The man in the back has his arms thrown wide. In the background, bar trees and white snow is visible.

Winter Walking Revels – My partner and I went walking along the south side of Powderhorn Park in search of today’s photograph. We ran into these two at 35th St. and 12th Ave, and they were happy to strike a pose for Powderhorn365.

P365 is also distributed on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Powderhorn365 – It begins!


I live in a neighborhood called Powderhorn Park in south Minneapolis. The neighborhood runs a project called Powderhorn365, the point of which is to gather stories in the form of photographs and captions of people and places that can be found in Powderhorn. I volunteered to be a photographer, and on Friday my first picture went up! Click the thumbnail below to go to the Powderhorn365 website to see other stories from my new neighborhood (and the full image of my first evar P365 photo!).

Photo shows a a Latina carrying a pink shoulder bag, a white purse. She's wearing a red-white plaid button up blouse. He hair is straight, dark brown, shoulder length, parted down the middle. Shes looking directly at the camera and giving a small, closed-lip smile. Behind her in the background, a building with the words "Pillsbury House" is visible.

I believe that photography can be a way to remind us that we do all have unique situations and circumstances, and also that there are shared experiences that we can understand, and through those better connect with each other. Shared stories have the potential to build stronger, more supportive and diverse communities.