Wow – it’s been a while

So yeah…the bunnies are a tad bigger now.

First I was busy doing other things, then Mom moved to Minneapolis, then the elections, and a new position at work, now Nazis.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve been getting my writing and sharing itch scratched by doing updates and conversations on Facebook. I’ve done a small amount of short story writing, but not as much as I’d like.

As an aside – I think it’s fun that I’m writing on my SJW blog again at the exact same time as the red pill scene from the Matrix is playing in the background. As another aside…jeepers Reaves is a bland actor. I made the mistake of watching that Netflix movie about the girl going through a stay-away program for people living with eating disorders, and he was pretty much Neo in that, too. He’s always Neo, even before Neo was a character.

Let’s see…what else…I decided to be kind to myself and not worry too much about what I’m writing so this is going to be disjointed. Just is. I forgot all of the blogging tricks. I wonder if I can remember how to post a photo…

two cats sleeping on a cat bed - a tabby cat is curled around and hugging a smaller tortoise shell patterned cat.

Ehhh…seems to do the trick. Oh yeah, I got two cats. This is Ori and Dori. They’re sweet but shy reformed ferals – brother and sister. Dori, the little tortoise-shell, still won’t let me pet her (it’s been three months), although she’ll sometime stay put if I slowly approach her with a treat extended. I’m worried about what will happen if she gets sick and I have to take her to the vet :/ Ori has turned into my little cuddlemeister for brief periods.  You can see that he’s all about the cuddles.

I’ve stepped down from the atheist radio show that I was doing. It got to be more work than fun, and when that happens to a volunteer position, that’s the beginning of the end. The show, Atheists Talk, is still going strong, which makes me happy. After a brief hiatus from that, I joined up with two friends to start a podcast called Super Serious Social Justice. We dawdled with setting it up for about a year, and finally got our first episode out at the end of this past May. We’re releasing episodes every other Wednesday, and on iTunes – which is a trip for all of us because we’ve never started a podcast before! We’re still pretty rough – if you’re an audiophile you might want to just skip over the first couple of episodes – but we’re having a blast. We find ourselves very funny.

icon in shades of purple that reads sssj. The j is a microphone with a curly cable
More later…I think tomorrow I’ll write about the Charlottesville vigil that I attended on Sunday night here in Minneapolis.


Wow – it’s been a while