First World Problems Contest

The First World Problems Contest was run in January 2011.

Urban Dictionary defines First World Problems as “Problems from living in a wealthy, industrialized nation that third worlders would probably roll their eyes at.”  Example:

Aw, crap, I don’t know which 1 carat diamond encrusted platinum ring to buy!

I asked people to tell me and the Biodork readers about their FWPs.  I received 16 unique entries from 14 contributers.  In the First World Problems Poll I chose my top five favorite stories and then asked readers to vote on their favorite of the five finalists.

In the end contributor Madeline won the prize – a $25 Kiva Gift Certificate – with her FWP:

Madeline – Butt-Sushi or Panini?

Today, in the well-stocked cafeteria at my comfortable, well-paying job, someone took the sushi I wanted just seconds before I got there! It was either the butt-sushi that was left, or a panini for me!

The FWP Contest was sponsored by Biodork.

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