Biodork Guest Bloggers

Below are some of the friends and family of Biodork who have chosen to share their art and talent here. These are some great people, and I’m honored that they’ve chosen to be a part of this journey with me. Thank you Ellen, Louise, Erin, Mom and Jo.

You can learn more about being a guest blogger at Biodork on my Talk to Me! page.

Ellen Bulger

Ellen was a regular guest blogger at Biodork in August 2012 through early 2013. She created Pareidolia Play Along. You can see all of her contributions here. Ellen is a life-long atheist, a naturalist, a freelance writer and photographer, and a regular Freethought Blogs reader and commenter. Ellen wants to show the world that we can find joy and beauty in this world without believing in superstition or gods.

Paula Bilyeu and Erin Bilyeu

These are my mom and my sister, Erin. They are my weekly Cross-Country Connections compatriots. Erin is a former Wisconsonite and also contributed a piece to Biodork about Scott Walker’s antics and the people who vote for him entitled A Wisconsonite Asks Why.

Louise Kellar

Louise is a member of Women Thinking, Inc. and a snarky, loud-mouthed skeptic. She contributed a very popular 3000-word report about her 2012 visit to the Creation Evidence Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana. She also forwards the occasional facepalm-inducing church sign to Biodork so we can all share in the facepalmingness. She can be reached at @Spa_yediMonster on Twitter or by email at [email protected]

Jo O.

Jo is a friend from college who now lives in Boston, Massachusetts. She has a blog called Bought the Ticket and Taking the Ride.   Jo contributed a piece to Biodork about the 2011 Boston SlutWalk.

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