Saturday P365: Peace

This past Saturday morning I tried to stop for coffee at Cafe Southside located on Chicago near 34th street. Alas, the cafe was not yet open, but I did tromp around through the snow in the outdoor garden and grabbed a few photos for Powderhorn 365. The black and white is the one I submitted.

Black and white photo - a bird house atop a 6-7' pole is along the right of the image, bare flowers with dried buds line the bottom. A row of two-story houses and fences extended throughout the photo. A white, square pole about 5-6' tall is center in the image, and the words "May Peace Prevail on Earth" is written vertically down the pole on the side facing the camera.

May Peace Prevail on Earth

Cafe Southside - A two-story building with a giant, colorful mural. In the foreground three bike frames repurposed as garden art. An outdoor table with a closed bar umbrella. Snow covers the garden. Houses visible in the background. The sky is still husky blue as the sun is about to rise.

Sunrise at Cafe Southside

The brick and windowed front of Cafe Southside. In the window is a Black Lives Matter Sign. On the sidewalk is an airbrushed sandwich board with the words "South City Cafe - Cafe Southside - Fair Trade Coffee + Salads Sandwiches"

Black Lives Matter ~ Cafe Southside


Saturday P365: Peace