Biodork Title Holders

Below are the titles or awards that have been given out to those Biodork readers who have played my games, guessed the answers to my riddles and generally been good sports and interacted in the comments.

Biodork Sloganeers

Golden Coffee Bean Award

JT Eberhard for being the first to comment on the first post of the Biodork Blogathon for SSA.

Close Up Photo Contest

Carly won the nearly year-long CUP Contest.

First World Problems Contest

Madeline won this contest by popular vote by Biodork readers for her FWP story, “Butt Sushi or Panini?”

Magic & Madness Book Give Away

Karl Corwin won a signed copy of Amy Gregg’s Magic & Madness!

Ferrous Wheel Winners

Tabby Lavalamp, Lorax and Robert B. each won a set of science stickers for good punning.

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