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Biodork is the pseudonym of Brianne, a 33-year old female wife, daughter, sister, scientist, knowledge nerd, theater geek, and experience junkie.  I am a volunteer radio show host and interviewer for Atheists Talk, which is a production of the Minnesota Atheists. I am an aspiring skeptic, and am crawling my way toward medical school.

I love watching TV, movies and reading; I love stories – telling and hearing.  Right now, because I have a 60-90 minute round-trip daily commute,  I’m into podcasts and audiobooks.  Current favorite podcasts include the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, The Moth, Skeptoid, The Freedom From Religion Foundation podcast, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Vital Signs, Persiflagers Infectious Disease podcast, Quackcast and Skeptically Speaking.

Since joining the Freethought Blogs network, I know that I’m going to be speaking to a wider audience, however this blog started out as purely for me. This is a labor of love (and some days of writer’s block, misery, and drudgery…but mostly love).  This is a place where I can put “pen to paper” about the things that have caught my attention on any given day. Not just atheism, but all of the topics that intrigue, amuse and piss me off.  I do like having the public review because I believe it will hold me to some level of maturity and smart-like writing. Also, if I’m doing it right, my writing will foster communication and the sharing of ideas.   I’m not interested in emotional, vague “free association” writing, or illogical ranting, I want to examine my thoughts in a semi-methodical manner, and I want to be able to periodically check in on myself.  Am I  evolving – or devolving – over time?

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