Apparently I committed a No-No this past weekend. When I offered to give away cuddly knit creature to anyone who donated to the SSA, I was running what could be construed as a raffle, and raffles are subject to a crazy number of rules, regulations and even taxes that no one wants to get into. So sadly, I cannot draw names from you wonderful, generous people who donated during my blogathon. I offer my sincere apologies to anyone who donated to the SSA in hopes of getting one of these little guys, and if you have questions, concerns, suggestions or want to shoot me a nastygram or Howler I can be reached at [email protected]

So what to do with the cuddlies? I could put them on ebay and sell them there as a fundraiser for SSA, but that feels a little like potentially making double money on them. Erin has already knit them and I feel like they belong to the Biodork readers, so I’m going to give them away to you guys completely independent of the blogathon that took place this weekend. Just post a comment in the section below and I will throw your name in a hat. On Thursday morning I will draw three names and each of those people will get one of the following creatures:

One of the microbes pictured above.

One trilobite


Thank you for your understanding!

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18 thoughts on “Apologies…

  1. 3

    That seems a bit OTT, surely no one will complain? They are kind of cute.

    Speaking as I do on behalf of all religious folks I promise we’ll give you a pass!

    My vote is make sure your random pick goes to one of the folks who donated 😉

  2. 7

    I would just like the knitting pattern. You could send it with Ophelia Benson to TAM. They look like fun and I like to knit strange xmas tree ornaments. Or you could let me know where I can buy the knitting pattern.

    1. 7.1

      The patterns are all freebies available through the links above. If you are a knitter you should considering joining Ravelry.com but if you’re not interested a google search will turn up the links for these patterns on the original designers blogs.

  3. kim

    In the interest of cuddlies, I have some assorted yarn I could donate to Erin for future science knitting. You don’t manage to knit at least 60 pairs of socks without some leftover yarn. (And a bunch of scarves, hats, sweaters, fish, etc.)

    1. 8.1

      love it! I am in the same boat, re: left over sock bits. But I appreciate the offer! If you’re on Ravelry.com, friend me as “holamiis” and we’ll discuss some left over trades. I’m always excited to find new knitting buddies!

      1. kim

        I’m not on Ravelry, but if you’re in Minneapolis and going to be at the Drinking Skeptically tomorrow I could bring a small stash.
        Mom said that if I knit a pair of socks with an assorted collection of yarn she would wear them. And she wasn’t happy that we had such a short winter and didn’t get to wear her wool socks much this year.

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