Winner of the Book Giveaway Contest!

There were twelve entries for the Magic & Madness book giveaway contest. Here, in no particular order are my top five favorites:


Though Paul was convinced he possessed a powerful magic the neighbors suspected madness.

Karl Corwin:

When magic begins,
The Twin Cities will shudder.
How far ’til madness?


Every angel is magic,
Every magic is madness,
Every madness is terror.

James C: 

Madness: demons stir. Master magic, expunge darkness. Yet they survive. Demons in mirrors.

Gus Hinrich:

There is magic in madness. Or, perhaps, madness in magic. Or neither.

These five names were written on slips of paper, the papers were all folded in a similar fashion, then thrown into a hat (a witch’s hat!), mixed around, and then the Hubby came out and drew one slip of paper. That person wins the book.

Drumroll, please!

Congratulations to Karl Corwin! I will be contacting you by email tonight to arrange shipping of Magic & Madness, autographed by author Amy Gregg.

And a huge, heapin’ thank you everyone who played. You guys make this stuff fun.

Winner of the Book Giveaway Contest!
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    I’d like to thank all the little people that have brought me this far. And it takes a lot of people to carry me. I’d also like to thank my mom and dad without whom I would be a completely different mess of genetic slop.

    Thanks much!

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