Too early for cute

Yesterday I worked from home and had a couple of distractions.  Well, one distraction a couple of three or four times.

I’m watching you…waiting for your weakness to show itself…and then, then I shall make my move!

Since you insist on ignoring me I shall make myself comfortable on these things you seem to find sooooo much more interesting than me.

A consequence of stepping away from the computer to stretch.  Never leave a cat in the same room as a warm chair, unless you want to stay standing.

And this morning I discovered the dangers of not folding my clothes immediately:

Mmmm…the bristly feel of dog hair on my towel after a nice shower.

Too early for cute
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4 thoughts on “Too early for cute

  1. 2

    Its you’re mother – the pictures are A-dorable. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have cat/dog hair on everything. One more week before I get to see you and Aaron and Erin and Ralph. Yayyyyyy.

  2. 3

    My cats favourite is jumping onto the desk while I’m on the computer… slowly creeping closer… and then rubbing its head on my mouse hand. I don’t know if it likes the mouse, thinks it’s a free way to get a head scratch, or likes the attention when I accidentally click and swear at it. All I know is it’s annoying. Working from home fail.

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