Lab Supply Gingerbread Houses

A small group of us at work gathered together to celebrate the holidays.  A coworker and I planned the event and we decided to have a contest around building gingerbread houses…made of lab supplies! 

We supplied the glue guns, the cardboard bases and the little blue and green plastic squares (the first person who can tell me what they are will win my admiration and a hand-drawn picture by me!  Of course a drawing by me is more of a punishment than a prize…).  Five groups of two participated, and these are the results.

Now, it is important to remember that one can be a scientist AND an artist.  Indeed, I think science can open our eyes to beauty and elegance in all types of environments and situations which might otherwise go unnoticed. 

Ahem.  All types of environments.  Yeah…


Update: 12/23/10

I finally got around to drawing MPM’s prize for being the first one to correctly identify the blue/green plates in the pictures above.  His answer is in the comments.

Lab Supply Gingerbread Houses
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8 thoughts on “Lab Supply Gingerbread Houses

  1. MPM

    The plastic squares are pipet tip reloads, probably Rainin “greenpaks”. I think blue are for p1000 tips and green for p200s.

    Love the idea 🙂

  2. 3

    You mean to say those blue and green block were not meant (and manufactured) as building blocks of totally dorky and unbelievably adorable lab-inspired gingerbread houses? [I love your workplace. Seriously, who does things like this?]

  3. 4

    That is fantastic, what a cool way to bring science into the lab! I’m thinking about making a gingerbread house/lab creation, but I hadn’t considered making one using lab equipment. I was gonna use gingerbread, how boring!

    1. 4.1

      Nah, use gingerbread to create something really geeky, like molecules. Oooo….you could use thin gingerbread to represent bonds and different size (and color) chocolates and marshmallows to represent atoms. Smores ball-and-stick figure molecules! Or, forget the gingerbread and chocolate. 3D electron density plots made of marshmallow. Hmmm…I suppose you’d have to employee spaghetti to pull off a ribbon diagram of proteins. Excuse me…*runs off to mad scientist kitchen*

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