6 O’Clock BS – That Came Outta There!?

It looks like this is a bit older, but if you haven’t seen it… This is a cool video of a very big stick insect hatching, unfolding from its teeny tiny egg. I just want to reach out and help him get those last bits of leg free! C’mon insect buddy – you can do it!

(Hmmm…The video isn’t loading correctly for me from vimeo right now. If you’re having trouble too, here’s a link to New Scientist which also has it posted)

The Lord Howe stick insect is otherwise known as a tree lobster, which is also the name of one of my favorite web comics.

Hat tap to JREF research fellow Kyle Hill on Twitter

6 O’Clock BS – That Came Outta There!?

6 thoughts on “6 O’Clock BS – That Came Outta There!?

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    This is AWESOME. Srsly – I unabashedly adore insects, even when/if I’m repulsed by them. There’s no need to look for aliens out there somewhere, we have all the aliens RIGHT HERE, they’re just small(er) than Predator or Aliens. This vid just brings me all sorts of joy. 🙂

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    That was actually hard to watch! I had thought that once the abdomen cleared the eggshell, the legs could follow easily. Nope.

    This is a Critically Endangered species, by the way, found only on a rock somewhere in the middle of the Pacific near the island it’s named after — from which it’s been eliminated by introduced rats.

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