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12 Things Not to Say to Grieving Nonbelievers
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Good News and Bad News: Why I've Been Absent
Irresponsible Gun Owners of America 6.27.16
Air Transat: refusing to let trans women fly. Today.
Saturday Storytime: Bride Price
Frivolous Friday: New Painting
Greta's Podcast Interview with Chris Johnson at "A Better Life"
"There is peace in being one more descendant of Sisyphus": Meme from The Way of the Heathen
"Loved it": Bill on The Way of the Heathen
"But I Don't Live in a Swing State"
Not-So-Frivolus Friday: Everything Hurts and I'm Dying
Did You Hear the One About the Dumb Polack
This is Rape Culture: Exhibit A
"Understanding the world doesn't remove the mystery": Meme from The Way of the Heathen
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Throwback Thursday: Fuck That Comic
The Strange Potential of Sharktopus
Greta Reading at Perverts Put Out, Thursday July 23! Part of National Queer Arts Festival
You Are Responsible For Yourself, We Are Responsible For Each Other
"Women in Secularism & Secular Woman", Debbie Goddard and Monette Richards on The Humanist Hour
Sex-Positive Does Not Mean Anything Goes
(Repost) Fleeing Marriage - Escape Chapter 5: "Linda's Flight to Freedom"
(Tier One) "We Would Be Completely Vulnerable" - Escape Chapter 22: Merril's Heart Attack
Why We Publicize Accusations of Sexual Misconduct
Supernatural S1 E9 Summary: "Home"
Summarizing the Current Allegations Against Richard Carrier
Voting Green "on Principle"
New at Rosetta Stones: Help Save the AZ Geological Survey!
How to Speak to Your "Anti-Gun" Friends
(Repost) Adventures in ACE II: In Which We Inherit the Earth
(Tier 1) Adventures in Christianist Earth Science Education XXVIII: Wherein We Experience Astronomical Buffoonery
No More Unicorn Blood
Saturday Storytime: Hiranyagarbha
Saturday Song: PRIDE
SFrivolous Saturday: Irish Football Fans Are A Glorious Reminder That Humans Are Bloody Brilliant
Supernatural S1 E8 Analysis: Curses! It's Cultural Appropriation 100
Frivolous Friday: Crafting and Cosplay and Faux Leather
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