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New at Gender Analysis: Youth transition myths, and Donald Trump
(Repost) "My Baby and I Were Dying" - Escape Chapter 20: "Warren's Rise to Power"
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Godless Perverts Holiday Fun Time Sat. Dec. 10 - Benefit for St. James Infirmary! EDIT: Now at Center for Sex and Culture!
Where I've Been, And Everything I Wrote Last Month
Godless Perverts Social Club in SF Dec. 6! Discussion topic: Participating in a Resistance Movement
An Open Letter to David Campos, and Anyone Else Who Thinks We Lost The Election Because Hillary Clinton Was Establishment, Moderate, or Uninspiring
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Resistance Is Not Futile
The "Strategy" of Abandoning Identity Politics
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Answers for Parents with Transgender Offspring
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Guava and Passion Fruit Creme Brulee: Grade A Bula-shit
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My Skepticon 9 Talk
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Two Quotes that America Needs to Take to Heart Right Now
Paying Attention
A Reading List On Fascism
Happy Thanksgiving, here's another incident of gun violence
The Stim-Tastic Annoyance of Head Lice
The Real Story of Thanksgiving
Remember: They're the A**holes - How to Survive Holidays with Your Tr*mp-Loving Family
Hoy, Nos Recordamos
The Danger--and Necessity--of Normalizing Our New Political Reality
Today, We Remember
World Toilet Day
Last Chance to Stretch the Twisted Ladle Cookbook
Things Will Neither Be as Good as You Hope, Nor as Bad as You Fear
On Shame and Elections
Ban Bannon - Call Your Reps
To The People Trying to Claim We're Not Racist Because We Voted for Obama
Thoughts on Safety Pins from a Clinic Escort
10 Steps to Start Fixing This Mess
Four Things Doctors Can Do For Their Trans Patients
Blood and Roses: A Virtual Reality