Political Correctness Is Not The Issue

CN: Donald Trump (because I’m giving him his own content note), political rant

I have NPR radio call-in outrage again.

It was a political story, and the caller didn’t say anything new. Maybe it was the way the host introduced the self-identified Republican by thanking him for his bravery for calling into public radio (WTF? – don’t encourage that tribalistic BS), maybe it was the verbal swagger of the guy as he ‘splained stuff to us “pretty leftish” listeners. He had called in to explain why people – he – was voting for Donald Trump. He said – and remember, nothing new here – that Trump is the only guy who’s telling like it is. He said that it’s not politically correct to say that we should send Mexicans back to Mexico, but when you go down to the coffeeshop, that’s what people are saying. He said that it’s not politically correct to say ban all Muslims from coming into the country, but when you go down to the coffeeshop that’s what people are saying. And because Trump is also saying literally these same things, I guess the people in the coffeeshop think this is a guy who represents their views and so they’re standing behind him.

Ainsi je commence la diatribe politique: 

First off, what coffeeshop is your ass going to!? Please let me know so I don’t accidentally stop in!

*deep breath*

The caller seems to think that Trump isn’t afraid to be “politically incorrect” and that the other candidates are scared to be so outspoken. The caller – and other Trump supporters – must be under the impression that the other candidates secretly support Trump’s racist, bigoted, hateful, divisive, violent, terrifying ideas, but they’re not brave enough to say so.

It ain’t got nothin’ to do with bravery, buckaroo, and it’s no secret: the other candidates are saying what Trump’s saying. Cruz wants to build the wall. Cruz prides himself on making citizenship harder to obtain, and on blocking refugees from entering the country.

Side note: Jebus effing shit – this sentence is for real on the Ted Cruz for President website under the Secure America section: “…we need to judge each challenge through the simple test of what is best for America.  Because what is best for America is best for the world.

So yeah. Take that rest of the world. Have some bald eagles and hamburgers and guns and shit. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Where was I? Oh yeah… Rubio wants to build the wall and he doesn’t want to accept Syrian refugees into the country. (A moment of silence for Rubio’s departure from the race *pulls out vuvuzela*

Kasich did call Trump’s nativist, ill-defined proposals goofy, but he still wants to finish the wall. And he kinda-sorta doesn’t want to accept Syrian refugees, but kind-sorta would accept refugees. Okay, honestly, if xenophobia is driving your vote, Kasich probably isn’t your first choice.

Dear caller, the other guys ARE saying what The Donald is saying. They’re just not as flashy and noisy and they’re spending some of their camera time talking about other things. But I guess it’s hard to hear the other guys discussing those issues over the sound of chanting and heiling and beating up protesters.

“The only real difference between Trump and the other GOP candidates is that he makes the subtext text.” – Avi Blackmore

There is one other huge difference between Trump and the other candidates, of course: the other candidates are career politicians, while Trump is not. And this is another thing that Trump supporters loooove.

As CBS’s Jon Keller pointed out:

Elected officials like Cruz, Rubio, Clinton and Sanders have had to wrestle with the complexities of the issues involved and the cross-currents within their own constituencies, while Trump can lob bumper-sticker solutions into the fray like so many grenades.

Trump’s an independent guy! He’s his own boss! He can stand on his own and make the hard decisions and he doesn’t have to answer to anybody!

….Y’all that last one is not an admirable trait – or anything like true – for a democratically elected POTUS.

But grenades sure are exciting, aren’t they!?

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Political Correctness Is Not The Issue
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6 thoughts on “Political Correctness Is Not The Issue

  1. 1

    Trump’s “polical incorrectness” is not politically incorrect. Trump is proving it is politically correct to pander to a bunch of racist extremists. If he should happen to win the nomination, does anyone expect Trump to not do the next politically correct thing of moving towards the center?

  2. 2

    I think your talk show caller doesn’t care as much about the policy as he does about the fact that someone is explicitly saying what he feels. He likes the flash and the noise for its own sake. It doesn’t matter to him that the immigration policy of other GOP candidates is just as harsh; he’s rejecting the labyrinthine rhetoric and coded language in which they couch it. He wants a president who will deport all the brown people, and will say it in exactly those terms.

    IMO, the people we need to be more conscious of the policy similarities you describe aren’t GOP voters, they’re liberals and moderates who have swallowed the shallow media analysis that Donald is somehow an outlier. People who seem to think that, if we stop Trump, the Republican that does get the nomination will be less of a reactionary. People like that believing that John “I just defunded Planned Parenthood” Kasich is a more moderate choice is what really scares me.

    1. 2.1

      I agree with both your analysis of the caller and the point that we as liberals must also remember that Trump isn’t “worse” than other candidates with regards to the meat of his policy positions, such as they are.

  3. 3

    I should add that I can totally relate to your frustration. It’s appalling to hear explicit xenophobia and racism held up as great rhetorical style. The only real way that Donald Trump is worse than the other candidates is that if he’s nominated (and/or elected) he’ll demonstrate undeniably to the rest of the world that a large part of the American electorate are not only bigoted, but proud of it. I can’t imagine what effect that would have on our foreign policy.

  4. 4

    Trump doesn’t have the same filters because Trump doesn’t know anything. It isn’t policy, it is top of mind stuff. The voters don’t know anything either. They can relate.

    Cognitive dissonance seems not to trouble the “I Love Jesus” and hate the brown people crowd. In fact, Trump does provide for immigration. If one is a model, they can immigrate and be one of his serial wives. Does the family values crowd understand that if we elected Trump for them, it would be the first time that we all got to see the First Lady posing nude and hear about her sex life with Donald in her Howard Stern interview? How is that for family values?

    Anyway, it may be that Trump wins at the convention although many Republicans are scared to death of that scenario. But if he does, he will lose in the general.

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