6 O’Clock BS: Coming Home from WIS

I met so many incredible women and men this weekend at Women in Secularism. Watching the live twitter feed was fun (for both #wiscfi and #INR2 actually). Sharing meals and hanging in the bar with people who spoke passionately about their involvement with the secular communities and their visions for where they want to see them go was incredible. Hanging out with Stephanie Zvan was a blast. And I was able to hot tub on Friday – yay! The only sad was being so close to DC and not finding time to sneak into the city.

But now my brain is drained and rebelling against further thought. We’re running on hindbrain here, folks. Sleep dep. Con drop. Soooo tired. All of these things. I’m looking forward to writing about some of the weekend’s going-ons, but I’ll need day or two to recombobulate.

I met an awesome reader this weekend, and when we were chatting Freethought Blogs she mentioned that there appears to be a dearth of evening posts on the FTB RSS feed (evening in this case referring to Eastern Standard Time). The majority of posts do seem to come out in the morning and around lunch time, and I said I’d start a nightly post with her in mind. It’s going to be called the 6 O’Clock BS (her initials are BS – whatta opportunity!) and I’m going to try use that post for an original photo or an observation or a quote or some other little thang every night under that title. Today’s 6 O’Clock BS is a travel photo.


6 O’Clock BS: Coming Home from WIS
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8 thoughts on “6 O’Clock BS: Coming Home from WIS

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    Ha! I didn’t expect this so soon! Awesome! ( :

    It was great meeting you (and Stephanie, and everybody!) too. Thank you for prying me off the wall and into the bar.

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