Kino and Stilgar

I’ve been trying to figure out Kino: a movie editor for Linux. It’s a bit hard to get used to, but here is a quick little video of Stilgar exploring around my wedding stuff on the table. At the very least we figured out how to get music to play over the video.

Isn’t he teh cutes? 🙂

I’ve got some clips of my drive to work back when the leaves were starting to change, I think I’m going to work on that one today.

Kino and Stilgar
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7 thoughts on “Kino and Stilgar

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    Very nice, what kind of snake is it? It’s too dark to really make out any details. I’ve had tons of snakes in my day, everything from ratsnakes and cornsnakes to burmese and reticulated pythons. Right now, my oldest daughter has a ball python that she got, moving up from a cornsnake. I think next on my list might be a children’s python, they stay small and are very personable but I’m still thinking about it.

  2. 2

    Yea it is quite dark, will have to take a new video facing away from the light source. He’s a Black Rat snake. I thought about getting a ball python as well because they are so sweet, but my research told me there is a high chance of them being finicky eaters, so I opted for the black rat as my first snake.

  3. 3

    Ball pythons, especially wild-caught snakes, can be hard to get eating but I’ve never had a problem with a captive-bred snake. You can ask whoever you get it from whether it’s been eating and not buy one that isn’t, you shouldn’t have a problem. Luckily, ball pythons can go a long, long, long time without eating, so long as they are otherwise healthy. I think the world record was something like 24 months without food, you really don’t have to worry about them. They usually go off-feed for 3-4 months anyhow over the winter unless you keep their enclosure really warm.

    Ratsnakes are nice, they stay relatively small and aren’t as prone to escaping as ball pythons are. Balls just like to boogie and they are extremely strong for their size, they can get out of any cage that has any weaknesses in it. My daughter’s cage top, in addition to having lock-downs, also has 4 big books on each end as the first week she had the snake, it popped the silicone off one end of the cage and got out for a week. It just cruised around the house until my wife found it getting a drink in the shower, none the worse for wear.

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    I am not sure what is more evidence of the complete and utter geekery of you and Jason – the books on the table or that you have a snake named after most everybody’s favorite Fremen. Though to be honest, I am not sure how I feel about a snake named Stilgar – snakes being almost as evile as spiders…Though unlike spiders (especially big ones) I am not instantly wishing a had a big gun when I see a snake

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    lol Duwayne, he is really a sweetheart, trust me.

    And there is a good reason I named him Stilgar, besides just really liking the character. His eyes turn blue for a few days before he sheds 🙂 Completely, utterly blue. I couldn’t pass up that opportunity 😉

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    All snakes do that. My daughter’s ball python is, of course, named Monty and he’s a sweetheart too. Unlike a lot of balls that are utterly paranoid, he’s always been very friendly and loves to explore even though he’s still young (just about a year old now).

    Now if you want geekery, we’ve had pets over the years named after just about every sci-fi franchise out there. Right now, I have a chihuahua named Torgo after the really bad movie Manos: Hands of Fate (particularly the MST3K version) and used to have cats named after the cast of Babylon 5.

  7. 7

    lol I know that all snakes do that. I wasn’t saying he was anything special, though the level of blue does vary from snake to snake, some just turn milky. I just meant that it was a toss up between names for him, so I opted for Stilgar for multiple reasons, one being the eyes.

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