Alan Parsons Project and Earth, Wind and Fire: DEMONIC!

Some classic tomfoolery from evangelists of the 70s, via io9 (of all places!). Apparently just because people believe in pyramid power and demonic influence, they’re de facto evil and worth preaching against — thus increasing their viewership when the evangelical preachers advertise them to the impressionable youth of their flock.

I suppose I can’t blame them — they hadn’t heard of the Streisand effect at that point. Finally, though, thanks to this video, we have definitive proof that disco is evil!!!1

(Ignore the fact that I’m totally grooving to that song right now.)

Alan Parsons Project and Earth, Wind and Fire: DEMONIC!

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    Why, oh why, did I click that link? Yes, disco is evil, and that youtube video perfectly captures everything that is/was wrong with disco. I need a Led Zeppelin fix. No Quarter should do the job. And yes, I know whoever posted the song placed the wrong album cover.

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    The evangelicals have always railed against rock music from its inception to the present day.

    Odd, I’ve never thought of the APP or EWF as disco, I thought it was funk.

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    I can’t listen to it because some weird Alan Parsons musical meme will get stuck in my head, just like Jerry Coyne got a stupid meme stuck in my head yesterday just by mentioning a 1970s song title: In case you want to be infected, the title is: “Midnight at the Oasis.”

    Hah hah hah. Now you’re fucked!

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    If the Government had an education system that taught such things as
    * the basic steps in the Scientific Method (there’s only a few of them)
    * how to recognise logical fallacies (there’s only about forty of them)
    * and a starter course in Probability (eg; the Law of Large Numbers)
    That would be enough to ensure that even religious audiences would not fall for such ridiculous stories.

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    The Alan Parsons Project is “demonic”? No.

    Lousy, pretentious, sterile, boring and inane come to mind, but not “demonic” or “evil”.


  6. 11

    Lousy, pretentious, sterile, boring and inane

    Good point, those are usually adjectives used to describe anything that’s wholesome and approved of by the god of the bible, especially when it comes to Christian music or entertainment.

    Satan has all the interesting, exciting, and stimulating entertainment, which is why D&D, Slayer, and Harry Potter are all satanic. Alan Parsons is about as satanic as rapture practice.

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    Ha ha! Another daft evangelical sermon -of course if the man actually listened to the Alan Parsons Project album ‘Pyramid’ he would realise that it’s not an endorsement of ‘pyramid power’ or any such nonsense -it in fact satirises this (e.g. the song ‘Pyramania’).

    btw: I freakin’ love The Alan Parsons Project!

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