RCimT: it’s Sunday again

Good afternoon everybody, and welcome to another Sunday atheism link round-up. I’m your host, Jason Thibeault. (*light applause*) Please join me below the fold where I’ll link to all the various atheism-related shenanigans that caught my eye over the past week.

Betty Bowers, America’s best Christian, has put together a rather difficult quiz wherein you have to guess whether a quote was said by Adolf Hitler, Martin Luther or Pat Robertson. It’s so difficult, in fact, that I only got 9/10 on it, which for me is surprisingly low. Additionally, I’m very humble. And also quite attractive.

Official figures suggest that Britain is rapidly secularizing, despite having a state-approved church. Creationists are almost unheard-of, and the health care system is nationalized. Of course we all know what this means — God will soon smite the socialist heathens with all manner of social equity and tolerance for their fellow man. Watch out, Canada — you’re next!

The New York Times has an interesting opinion piece by Dan Dennett wherein he explains how media bias against religion is wholly imagined, and likely due to a mistaken sense of religious protection and entitlement in the media prior to this pro-religion bias being removed. Like when a child takes a bag of cookies out of the cupboards, then Mom takes it away after she notices he’s eaten half of them — the kid is suddenly right back in the same position as where he started, having gorged himself on cookies he shouldn’t have had, and is upset that he no longer has the ability to do so.

Check out LOLgod’s cross-section of the Earth. According to some fundamentalists anyway. Watch out for Super Mega Hell, that’s where us atheists go.

L. Ron Hubbard is at it again, using his spooky beyond-the-grave powers to search for more ways to steal money from his followers. Well, since Hubbard is dead, it’s actually the church leaders like Miscavidge that are digging for more Hubbard “gospels” to foist onto the believers, but don’t let facts get in the way of an otherwise accurate assessment of the church’s doctrines!

Daylight Atheism calls out American Rep. Bart Stupak for his outright declaring that his religious law is more important than the Constitution. Seriously, it’s totally cut and dry. No possibility for misinterpretation whatsoever. It’s a pity people who value the Constitution get harassed when they put it above the Bible, but never vice-versa.

Meanwhile, the holy war between Christianity and Islam (which is something like a holy war between two second-cousins) rages on, with Malaysian Muslims attacking Christians over their use of the word “Allah”, where in Malaysia the use of Allah and God interchangeably is actually illegal due to such use being possibly misleading. Both words are titles, and both of them are titles of godhood specifically assigned to their god Yahweh — who is the same guy in both religions. So how you could be misled, I don’t know.

Now, this one’s scary, considering how rich Dubai is and how much world commerce is being focused there lately: a married woman was raped by a stranger while intoxicated, and thereafter arrested for having illegal extramarital intercourse. This is what Sharia law will get you — the perfect justice of blaming the victim.

Casey Luskin is wrong repeatedly, but never so wrong as he is about Tiktaalik recently. Not to worry though — Skeptico puts him in his place. And by place, I mean in the corner. With a dunce cap on.

The Avangelism project asks a very important and interesting question: Will God help Haiti if enough people pray? Considering that God either intentionally caused it to happen in fulfilling his divine plan, or merely didn’t stop it from happening, I don’t see how praying to him is going to help the situation whatsoever. Why not do something ACTUALLY helpful instead, like volunteering or donating? Or is that too difficult to do from the comfort of your church pews?

And finally, now we know why God is so scattered — the crack medical team at The Onion has diagnosed him with bipolar disorder. How else could you explain what he did to Haiti, or say letting Pat Robertson live when he could instead be choking on his own intestines, and simultaneously somehow being responsible for every near-escape or minor bit of good news coming out of the devastated capital?

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend, ladies and gentlemen. I have some food to eat and some video games to play!

RCimT: it’s Sunday again
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