Frivolous Friday: the Cadillac of Boxed Mac And Cheese

A Canadian favourite. President's Choice White Cheddar Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese Dinner

Folks, that is what I am having for lunch today. Only Canadians or Canadian-adjacent people know the comparative glory of this particular no-name-brand boxed mac and cheese. If Kraft Dinner ain’t your thing, this is not an alternative to take lightly.

I order it from Canada by the case.

Yes, seriously.

And no, before you ask, the President’s Choice imprimateur shouldn’t be Prime Minister, because it’s the president of the grocery company they’re referring to. This is the Loblaws (and other grocery chains) store brand.

Frivolous Friday: the Cadillac of Boxed Mac And Cheese

10 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday: the Cadillac of Boxed Mac And Cheese

  1. 1

    I clicked the link fully intending to argue that you got it wrong and that PC White Cheddar was the best. Clearly, you got it right.

  2. 5

    Hmmmm. USian here, and I’ve obviously been cheated of the good stuff. In fact, I made some Kraft (the premium kind) yesterday, and found it wanting as I always do. But I don’t have a good recipe for homemade, either.

    In fact, the best cheesy pasta I’ve had recently has been my own concoction with Italian cheeses. I cook the pasta, then toss it with a little good olive oil and a lot of really good shredded Italian cheese like a mix of parmesan and romano. I use an electric stove, so I do this in the cooking pot over the warm but turned-off burner until the cheese melts. Not to-die-for, but a very nice pasta dish.

  3. 8

    I do not understand boxed mac n cheese.
    I learned about mac n cheese, made it, love it, but I do not understand that box thingy.
    On the other hand, I grew up in a home where a particular kind of boxed spaghetti with tomato sauce was a special treat….

  4. rq

    I will be bringing back as many boxes as possible. Alas, there is a weight allowance – but then, it’s not like I need any of my other stuff.

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