GeekGirlCon #DIYSciZone Act of Whimsy: Livestreaming TMNT1 NES #GGC16

I’ll be livestreaming starting at 10am sharp, making an attempt at beating TMNT 1 for the NES with a ten hour timelimit. No glitches, no level select code, but I’ll be (sparingly) using save states on my way through to save my ass in case of issues (e.g. emulator crashes or other system issues, etc).

As this will be my first run at the game in 15 years, I’ll make use of maps so I don’t flounder too badly.

The things I do in service of science! All of this is a backer “reward” for our DIY Science Zone fundraising this year, for Geek Girl Con, where I’ll be running demonstrations on the game Zombie Dice and how know when to hold ’em (brains), know when to shamble away and know when to chomp.

DIY Science Zone logo

Here’s the donation form. We bring science demos to kids on an all-volunteer basis, and the cost helps pay for this zone — without this annual fundraising, we couldn’t continue this excellent annual tradition of getting the kids who visit Geek Girl Con excited about STEM fields!

Embedded video stream may autoplay so I’m putting it below the fold!

Watch live video from Lousycanuck on

GeekGirlCon #DIYSciZone Act of Whimsy: Livestreaming TMNT1 NES #GGC16