Petition to remove judge who claims Down syndrome rape victim "didn't act like a victim"

IMPORTANT WARNING: After signing and putting my weight behind this petition, I learned that the person who created it is a Trans-Exclusive Radical feminist (TERF). Please bear that in mind before signing, if you are trans and need to protect yourself. While I strongly agree on this one issue, I am very keenly aware that TERFs have been known to and continue to victimize trans folk, and I don’t want to put any of you in harm’s way.

I just signed this petition to have Judge Christopher McFadden removed from his position immediately after ordering a new trial in the case of a Downs syndrome woman who was raped. Despite a mountain of physical evidence that the rapist was in fact guilty, this judge’s gut told him that the victim didn’t “act like a victim”, and that the rapist didn’t “behave like someone who had recently perpetrated a series of violent crimes”.

I shudder to think that there’s supposed to be a certain way that people act after being raped lest their rapists go free — and I fear for every neuro-atypical person who has suddenly had a bulls-eye painted on them because now rapists know that they might not “act like a victim” the way a judge believes they should. So now people with Down syndrome are targets, and for no other reason than this guy’s gut feeling.

Rape culture is when people with power make any excuse they can to suggest the person who was raped did something wrong and thus the rapist should not be brought to justice. This is about as cut and dry a case of judicial bias as I’ve ever seen — undermining the whole chain of evidence because of a gut feeling is shameful and this “judge” should be removed from his position immediately. He’s proven himself drunk with power.

Sign the petition.

Petition to remove judge who claims Down syndrome rape victim "didn't act like a victim"

8 thoughts on “Petition to remove judge who claims Down syndrome rape victim "didn't act like a victim"

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    @Becky, her TL is awash with it…

    She links to Gender Identity Watch and is Twitter mates with Cathy Brennan, who has co-incidentally popped up on Jasons TL to call him an MRA. He’ll likely be on as an MRA and anti-feminist. (All the best people are on there, apart from the convicted rapists, murderers, paedophiles she juxtaposes trans people and anyone who stands up to her transphobic “feminism” to)

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    Jason and I were out raping some video games last week, together, so I can confirm Jason is an MRA. Lot of fun though, even though he wouldn’t drink anything other than PBR and ended up vomiting into his fedora.

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    Ladies and gentlemen, making his comedy finale on this stage, Jacques Cuze / Oliver Crangle / wtfwhateverd00d. Right back into moderation he goes, yet again, under a different IP / email addy.

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    @oolon, thank you. I was looking at her TL for a while this morning and all I could see was her arguing with Jason. I didn’t know that she associated with Brennan and Gender Identity Watch. I hadn’t gotten down that far and I’m not familiar with her.

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