Deadpool's universe contains at least one pro-trans background character

Via Reddit’s r/ainbow on imgur, this image, ripped from a recent Deadpool comic.


Panel 1: while running, a shapeshifting male morphs into a female cheer-leader, as Deadpool pursues. Bad guy: “PRESTO-CHANGE-O!!!” Deadpool: ” ‘Presto-change-o?’ ”

Panel 2: Deadpool tackles the shapeshifter, saying “You’re mine now!” Shapeshifter says “OOOOFFFF!!!” A burly bald goateed man in the background, wearing a leather biker vest, says “What the hell, dude?”

Panel 3: Burly says, “Run, little girl. I got the creepy bastard.” Deadpool, on a knee, getting up, says “It’s not what you think, that cheerleader is actually a DUDE.”

Panel 4: Burly: “That’s no better! Transgender people are one of the MOST BULLIED people in our society. They deserve our compassion! And before you say anything, I realize the irony of trying to beat some human dignity into you.” Deadpool, as Burly kicks him in the face: “You’re making a mist– OOF!” Shapeshifter, still in cheerleader form, cartwheels away in the distance, saying “Yay! Thanks!”

Sure. This is played for laughs, but the message is a good one. It would be really great if the average person on the street defended transgender folks this way. This isn’t how things like this usually play out in real life, but maybe by showing little messages like this, people will be more inclined to actually stand up for people who are being legitimately bullied, harassed and mistreated for being merely different.

I can only imagine the Merc with the Mouth failing miserably to explain what was really going on for several more pages while he has his ass handed to him. I might have to pick Deadpool back up one of these days.

Deadpool's universe contains at least one pro-trans background character

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    I’m saying as opposed to what some assbags call bullying: being blocked on Twitter or banned from websites.

    I suppose my thought process wasn’t entirely clear there. But now you know.

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