Some Songs for Christmas Tourists

♫ It’s the Most Othering Time of the Year ♫

Despite the vehement efforts of many atheists, some of whom I otherwise like, I’m still not fully on board with the atheist Christmas thing. Not only did I not grow up with it, I was shamed for telling the truth about one of its symbols. All the “secular Christmas”-pushing done by many atheists reeks of respectability politics and centers mainstream American culture in a way that makes me really uncomfortable.

It ends up kind of sounding very Mr. Garrison-esque, sometimes.

However, as I said back when I was a babby Skepchick, I personally consider myself a Christmas tourist. Christmas and all its surrounding traditions are exotic and sometimes interesting to me.

So how does an othered Christmas tourist enjoy Christmas music, something that even the Christmas-invested can hate? A hearty dose of irreverence and fun.

Short Nickolodeon Promo – Jingle Bells, Bollywood Style

Hoy, jingalll! There’s a Santa I’d be happy to lie to little kids about (joke).

South Park – Christmas Time in Hell

The entire episode and album that this is from is irreverent in the fun (and yes, occasionally problematic) way that South Park used to be as a whole. This is my favorite song because it’s oddly joyful, plus South Park’s version of the Satan character is compelling to me.

The Night Santa Went Crazy by Weird Al

As a lifelong sworn Weird Al fan, I of course acquired the extra gory version. As it turns out, this song is in the grand tradition of gory carols — who knew?

The Nightmare Before Christmas – What’s This?

As a kid, I wasn’t allowed to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas when it came out. Ten years later, the film was re-released in 3D, and I was in love. Recently, people have been talking about the movie as an excellent way to teach people about the pitfalls of cultural appropriation, and I think it works.

A Bonus Easter Egg

Because adorable.

For more serious heathen-friendly Christmas music, I recommend Greta’s list. And a very merry happy to you!

Some Songs for Christmas Tourists

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    I agree about the respectability politics. I never really thought about it like that, but you’re absolutely right.

    Of course, if some atheists feel some connection to Christmas, that’s fine, and they shouldn’t have to give that up. I just don’t like seeing that sort of thing highlighted and praised as the mark of a “good” atheist.

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