Don’t Be Boring

I present my commenting policy to you in the spirit of new beginnings, spruced-up layouts, and freshly-minted blogs. However, the ideas behind it have been long brewing in my mind.

You see, I do not have a readily-linkable archive of the bad-faith, ad-hominem, red-herring, and/or otherwise poor criticisms already leveled against me — and debunked — other than in my memory. As memory is notoriously unreliable, I have decided to start afresh.

The basic premise? If you can’t behave, at least don’t be boring about it.

  1. Criticisms of my person, including but not limited to those of my chosen identity labels, appearance, and so on, will be allowed once and only once per particular criticism on this blog. The first person to make said criticism will be congratulated and linked, along with the appropriate response to said criticism, on the How to Be Boring page. Any further criticisms of my person along the same lines in future comments will be replaced with a link to the appropriate section of the How to Be Boring page.
  2. Actual criticisms that are made purely of my arguments, rather than my person, are welcome and will always receive a response. Although I will initially assume good faith, I cannot guarantee that I will be overly-nice in my response nor do I guarantee that the response will be anything more than a link to How to Be Boring if I’ve already responded to the criticism.
  3. While intra-comment disagreements with ideas and arguments are encouraged, leveling personal insults against commenters besides myself are not allowed.
  4. Slurs that punch down are highly discouraged. If the comment otherwise falls within commenting criteria, the slur(s) will be starred out.
  5. If a post has a content notice, said content notice will apply to the entire post as well as the comment thread. Please use content notices if the comment needs one but is on a post that doesn’t have one. If a comment lacks a content notice but really needs one, it will be added. Content notices should be used to warn others of descriptions and images of graphic violence, including sexual assault; or discussions of body image, weight, dieting, calorie counting, and other eating-disorder triggers (this list may be revised to include more content notice advisories in future). Commenters may request that a certain type of content notice be added to future posts and comments.
  6. The three-strikes rule will apply to banning. A strike is any of the behaviors prohibited above. Instant bans will be granted to anyone who makes threats to myself or anyone else.

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