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As you can tell from the way in which my blog post topics run the gamut, I can talk up  storm about a variety of topics but tend to focus on Islam, feminism, and race. My style is generally conversational and humorous with a healthy streak of snark. But don’t take my (written) words for it — see and hear for yourself.

If you’d like for me to speak at your group, event, meeting, institution, or conference, I am generally available on holidays, evenings, and weekends if given two weeks’ notice and on weekdays during the day if given four weeks’ notice (and if I have the vacation time left).


I do not have a set honorarium but appreciate compensation for my travel expenses if traveling further than 50 miles. Mileage calculations are based on my home location of Los Angeles, CA, or the places I will be for other, already-scheduled events.

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