Recorded Appearances

Below are links where you can hear and see me. See my full listing of appearances.


CONvergence / SkepchickCON, Bloomington, MN

TAM!, Las Vegas, NV

Seattle Atheists


Godless Perverts

What Would JT Do


The Ashley F. Miller Show

Sexy Secular Con

People of Color Beyond Faith

Secular Student Alliance – West

Secular Student Alliance – East

Atheist Debates with Matt Dillahunty


Acts 17 Apologetics

Debate with David Wood

The Ra-Men Podcast


Huffington Post Live
What’s Behind The Anti-Muslim Protests In Germany
Atheist Introspection After UNC Shooting: Is Chapel Hill Shooting An Atheist Wake Up Call?

Debate on Homosexuality

Freethought Festival

Atheists United

Boston Skeptics in the Pub

Secular Social Justice

The David Pakman Show


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