How to Be Boring

This page will house a running list of criticisms of my person, ideas, ideologies, and so on that have already been made.

  1. My partners are “fuckbuddies” rather than people with whom I have relationships that are about things in addition to sex.
  2. My name sounds like “hyena“.
  3. I’m a “fatty fat fat“.
  4. I’m ashamed of being fat because I post only pics that don’t show fat I am – Twitter would beg to differ.
  5. I should just go back to where I come from or else be more grateful to the United States – and where would that be?
  6. I’m Middle-Eastern – nope.
  7. My name is “Muslim” so I’m a hypocrite for using itmy first name signifies a dye and my last name means great-uncle.
  8. I’m it for the money – I’ve spent more money and lost more opportunities on this activist thing than I’ve ever made or gained.
  9. I’m unhappy at my job – I have a pretty great workplace, one where my bosses know all that I am and care that I get my work done rather than about anything else.

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    […] Heina Dadabhoy, poached from her role as one of Skepchick‘s best known rabble-rousers, has her own writing space now at Heinous Dealings. (I may have named her blog.) As well as being, like Hiba, an ex-Muslim – currently she’s working on A Skeptic’s Guide to Islam – she writes on feminism, body image, racism and other things. See her ‘Don’t Be Boring‘ comments policy first, and then her gallery of violations. […]

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