The state of the atheist "movement"

The atheist movement, represented by the stylized red A crying and wearing a trilby hat.

What a nice guy it is. If only those bitches would give it a chance. Forever friendzoned!

With apologies to the clipart I stole to build this monster.

The state of the atheist "movement"

18 thoughts on “The state of the atheist "movement"

  1. 11

    Friendzone is right. As in, slowly backing away from while saying we can just be friends. Wonderful, Jason!

    And, oolon, laughed so hard I had a coughing fit.

  2. 13

    #notallfedoras are trilbies, but that one totally is.

    I don’t mind the confusion; I actually like that the trilby is the internet-approved douche-hat. Its smaller brim casts less shade, making it far less practical and making the wearer’s head look comparatively more pointy; it’s also easier to wear indoors as an affectation, making it an easily-spotted signal that says “Engage with at own risk.” And when you add pinstripes it’s like the bright stripes on a wasp that say “Avoid at all costs”. Far better IMHO (in my hat-related opinion) that the classic, practical fedora remains associated with Indy Jones.

    I may have thought about this a tad more than was required.

  3. 15

    Aye, very nice one there, Jason. Better still as I was not expecting it from the title.

    oolon, ewan, psanity: You all get roflcopters and internets.

    My Fedora is open-source, mercifully, and can be corrected by the community.

  4. 16

    sheesh. gonna be hard to start talking my 9 y.o. down from his fedora. It’s his Shaun White ‘cool’ hat. Need to come up with a plan b for him if he starts creeping people out……

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