Real genuine proof the moon landing (simulation) was a hoax!

What do you get when you stitch together footage from NASA’s moon landing simulations prior to the Apollo project, with footage from the actual moon landing, with an audio track meant to make you pee with laughter?

Well, you get a Youtube comments thread so full of facepalmingly poor logic and conspiracy theory that you just have to weep for humanity. While laughing. It’s a very painful emotion.

We’ve been to the moon. There’s a mirror up there, planted by us at the Apollo landing site, that we can bounce lasers off of, to accurately measure Earth’s distance to the moon. This is evidence. That, and Buzz Aldrin will sock you one if you’re still a ridiculous conspiracy theorist.

Real genuine proof the moon landing (simulation) was a hoax!

4 thoughts on “Real genuine proof the moon landing (simulation) was a hoax!

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    I find is absurdly sad that in this day and age these fucktards are even engaged with either to take the piss out or to actually bother argue semantics and evidence with them.

    Same as the religious goof balls that never fail to get a rise from the reality side of the fence with their puerile bollix.

    All this type of nonsense does is give them the deoxygenated whiffs of stale and insipid gas with which to exercise their diaphragm with!

    The media are as much to blame as anyone…maybe they should concentrate on real and interesting activities instead of reporting the insipid brain farts of dumb and mentally incapable inadequate dipshits as if it was real and interesting.

    Pay them no heed…let evolution deal with them.

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