One Intersectional Argument for Spoiler Warnings

man in old-timey black&white looks annoyed and says "Hey, c'mon, no Star Wars spoilers!", then, in the next panel, angrily says "Trigger warnings? Suck it up!"

Benny wrote a companion piece to this one about the positing of spoiler warnings against trigger warnings, too, but from a class perspective. I highly recommend you read it first, as the Geonosis — I mean genesis — of this post lies in his thoughts on this.

Isn’t it obnoxious when cis het white able male fans of a Certain Movie Franchise whine on and on about spoiler warnings, to the point where they take pledges and create browser extensions to avoid spoilers? Those same people, when they encounter anyone using something like a trigger warning or content notice, screech about their Freeze Peach. What hypocrites, am I right? Especially since studies say that being spoiled is no big deal, so anyone who cares isn’t being rational.

Well, sure, hypocrisy is annoying, and in this case, very much exists among the more privileged fanboys. But is characterizing every fan who would prefer to not be spoiled as an irrational, hypocritical cis het white able male at all helpful in a world that is already hell-bent on erasing fans who fall outside of those lines? Disdain towards spoiler warnings is frustrating to me for reasons that have to do with my background as a Muslim and my reality as the sort of fan who often gets overlooked. Continue reading “One Intersectional Argument for Spoiler Warnings”

One Intersectional Argument for Spoiler Warnings