Mock The Movie: Bride of the Monster Transcript

Bah! In the middle of repairing a busted desktop, which I’ll need if we intend to go through with this 24hr gameathon I’ve got planned with JT Eberhart ready to roll any time soon, so I’ll come back and edit in the subtitle files ASAP. CA7746 also sent along a hilarious screenshot of Bela Eyebrows.

Avicenna of the newly-assimilated A Million Gods joined in on this mockery. Enjoy!

Update: Here’s the subtitle file. Save as (moviename).srt in the same folder as the movie. Also, a screenshot of the kinds of hilarious moments you’ll see if you watch this movie with the subtitle file.

Screenshot: Bela Lugosi's eyes with the caption "@brx0: Bela eyebrows! DRINK!"

All the extra interface stuff is from CompulsoryAccount’s subtitle generating app, which lets him shift people’s views/tweets around and produce an actual, polished, properly-timed mockery. It is truly a work of art to watch one of these movies with our mockery in-line. Trust me. Or don’t even trust me — download the subtitle file and try it out yourself.

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Mock The Movie: Bride of the Monster Transcript