Symphony of Science v1.0, downloadable for freewill donations

I’ve linked a handful of these in the past, so I’m sure you’re well aware (because you’ve read everything I’ve ever written, naturally!) that I love the Symphony of Science project. I normally despise autotuning singers who are incapable of hitting the notes they want themselves, so this at least is a good use of the technology — sort of like the Auto-Tune the News parodies, only with science and reason as their focal point. The idea of taking scientists’ most poetic expressions of awe and wonder at this universe and turning them into soothing, beauty-filled electronica is positively inspired.

It seems the project is ready to ship, so a Version 1.0 release is here!

Immediate download of 11-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

Your favorite scientific thinkers become rock stars in the first compilation of songs from the acclaimed video series Symphony of Science. Includes all ten songs, plus one unreleased track and a desktop background to boot.

All for free (or name your price)!

Buy it here via freewill donations. Yes, you can donate zero dollars, but I’d think you’re mistaking the concept of the word “priceless” in that case.

My favorite at the moment is this anthem for science:

Symphony of Science v1.0, downloadable for freewill donations

Symphony of Science: The Case for Mars

Every one of these Symphony of Science songs makes my heart sing. I have to admit sometimes autotune makes my ear twitch, but this series has been incredibly good in that respect. Either they’ve got their autotune shit together so it doesn’t make me flinch, or the content is simply awesome enough to divert my attention from the autotuning.

I agree that we should be reaching for Mars in ten years rather than fifty, but unfortunately, one country has a virtual monopoly on space exploration at the moment, and they’re more interested in maintaining an occupation in two countries and engaging in a third war simultaneously at the moment. Real shame, that. Not to mention the domestic social change that could be effected, think of all the science that could be done with those hundreds of billions of dollars spent on pushing the brown people into the dirt!

Update: Apparently this is from June 3, 2010, not 2011. Not fresh. Not new. It was new to me, but evidently not to hipper, more with-it bloggers like The Black Widower who has significantly more to say than I do.

Symphony of Science: The Case for Mars