Tortoise helping herself

Seems this tortoise got bored of waiting for her owner to make her a salad, and decided to open the fridge herself.

D’aw. Who’s a good tortoise? Yes, go ahead and eat all the celery and tomatoes and grapes. We didn’t need those. They were there for you anyway. <3

More over at BoingBoing’s perfectly-designed Jason-bait post

Tortoise helping herself
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4 thoughts on “Tortoise helping herself

  1. 2

    She’s just lulling the produce into a false sense of security. Two minutes after the camera was off, it was raw, bloody carnage. If you’d seen it, you’d never eat lettuce again.

  2. 3

    Yeah, she didn’t actually eat anything in the video. If it was MY fridge, the types of things a tortoise would chow down on are all generally kept on the bottom shelf, so she would have had a field day.

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