John Oliver does pandering right

Gotta admit, John Oliver knows how to work a crowd, and he doesn’t even have to sell magic beans to do it.

I like John Oliver a good deal, loved his Daily Show run, and empathize with his immigrant status in particular. I hope he’s a step up in sensitivity on some topics compared to Stewart, a fact not yet in evidence, though.

John Oliver does pandering right

6 thoughts on “John Oliver does pandering right

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    I think he’s more interested in getting the ratings and the entertainment value, but I have to admit, so far his show has been very comparable to TDS, in a mostly good way.

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    I have thoroughly enjoying his show. He uses longer segments, 6-9 minutes, and adds some much needed depth to my weekly satire intake. Plus, the end segment where he actually brought on Right Said Fred to sing an anti-Assad song was awesomeness!

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    I also enjoy his show a whole lot. It’s extremely reminiscent of TDS (something to be expected given the format and his background but it’s interesting to see how it will evolve), but like culturiel it feels like each segment has more depth, and I’ve also noticed he has a much more international bent, which I find very welcome indeed.

    So far it’s a lot like a weekly TDS where you feel you’re learning more things. A nice supplement, as it were…

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