Black metal father of the year

Oh, this whole video warms my evil and metal-wrought heart. It’s sacrelicious.

Not going to get to do the posts I wanted to do today. Been a long day. Been a long week. Hopefully I’ll have some reserve power to do some actual legit blogging tomorrow.

Black metal father of the year

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    Teach the children to worship Satan!

    While I love the idea of churches burning, actually setting fire to other peoples’ property is wrong and cannot be condoned. But building your own church and then razing it to the ground? Who am I to judge? Although it might be considered unnecessary pollution, I’m not going to worry too much about what other people enjoy for their own personal hobbies.

    However, when all the churches are empty and abandoned, I hope to join my black metal bretheren for a nice bonfire. Who’s bringing the hotdogs and marshmallows?

    Also, Dimmu Borgir’s Puritania? Great tune. Easily one of their best.

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    While I love the idea of churches burning, actually setting fire to other peoples’ property is wrong and cannot be condoned.

    I’ll echo that and add another point: In my country, Denmark, many churches are very old, historically important buildings. I wouldn’t want them burned for anything.

    The oldest go back to the 12th century, with irreplaceable frescos painted on the ceilings. To lose that would be a tragedy. Even if Christianity was utterly abandoned, I’d still want them preserved.

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    Absolutely, some churches are very old and hold an important place in history, while others have an aesthetic value that should be preserved. However, when I say churches, I think of so many of the horrible megachurches, office buildings or other other locales that have been converted to a place for the local congregation to meet at. These sorts of modern churches are all over the place in Canada: ugly, soulless buildings that, if they disappeared tomorrow, few people outside the churchgoers that attend there would miss.

    A Hermit:

    “Cute little girl learning to burn churches” just reminds me too much of this kind of shit…

    I can see why you’d think that. However, I take it in the same manner that most black metal bands approach the idea of Satan worship: it’s more about poking religious people in the eye than seriously attending Black Mass. Some certainly do actually practice Satanism and desire to burn down churches, but for the most part it’s an act. I don’t really give a damn about what religion they practice, but I will not support those who seriously want to cause actual harm to others (outside of the mosh pit) or destroy property.

    But teaching a little girl to love black metal culture? I think that’s funny, because it’s so against the norm. Especially when it seemed to be her idea to build a little church for them to torch together.

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    Sure, because if you represent something in small hobby crafts, it instantly becomes harmless. That’s why my pipe-cleaner diorama of a lynching is totally non-offensive.

    Is it really so problematic for you that we spend two seconds thinking about what we do and whether it sends the right message? For fuck’s sake, we’re just people commenting on the internet. Lighten up.


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