Nothing gets past reason

Alex Gabriel of the Heresy Club tipped me off that the UCLU Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society has done some brilliant, necessary, and dirt-cheap outreach for rationality on their university campuses: giving away free condoms with pro-rationalism stickers attached.

Condom with UCLU sticker: "Nothing gets past reason"

I’d love to see this initiative get imported to this side of the pond. Not only does it promote safe sex in a place you damn well know will be rife with young adults whose hormones have outpaced their maturity (look at any university cafeteria and you’ll see at least one kid with a plate of nothing but bacon), but it also spreads the word that there’s a rationalist society for “people like you” if you’ve never had any peers with common interests in atheism / humanism with whom you could socialize. Thus leading to increased chances for hooking up, so it’s a self-sustaining loop.

Well done, Godless of Gower Street. The Universities of London are safer and saner for your efforts.

Nothing gets past reason

10 thoughts on “Nothing gets past reason

  1. 1

    Can I please be off topic – sort of? Can I jump up and down and yell Yeaaa?
    The Toronto Star – Today – Monday September 24, 2012.
    Heather Mallick. Opinion page – A-23

  2. 2

    dgrassett: Heather Mallick has traditionally been good, from what I’ve seen of her online. But I don’t get the Star here. Don’t read much “traditional media”. What’s she talking about today?

  3. 5

    Hey now, my plate may have only had bacon on it, but my bowl totally had cereal with milk.

    This is a brilliant idea and you’re totally right that universities over here should be doing it.

    (And my plate never actually had just bacon unless it was the only thing left)

  4. Rob

    Nothing gets past reason… except sperm!

    But, but, but, wasn’t a US Senator quoting good authority the other week that sperm could be reasoned with?

    Damn, can’t believe anything I read these days…

  5. 8

    Debbie: Thank you! That’s absolutely wonderful and I need to promote it further.

    Erin: while I wasn’t referring to you *specifically*, I’m pretty sure you were there when I pointed at and mocked the people eating nothing but bacon. And/or cussed them out when I couldn’t get any myself because those fuckers cleaned out the food tray before I got to it.

    Rob: I take it you mean this senator, Todd Akin, who claimed that “legitimate rape” doesn’t end in pregnancy because a woman’s body can totes tell the sperm that it’s unwanted?

  6. 10

    Um, I don’t think a plate of nothing but bacon counts as anything regarding maturity, positive or negative. Have you ever been to a Denny’s or IHOP?

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