Unscripted public responses to gay-bashing in Texas

This is heartening. If only some of these people were elected representatives, maybe you poor folks might see a bit more tolerance in your southern states.

I can’t believe the thumbs-up dude. Didn’t even have the guts to own his agreeing with the hatred.

I put it in religion because of the tolerant religious guy in the middle. Also, because every single justification for hatred of homosexuality is grounded in religion. I cannot think of a single good argument for disdain or outgrouping of homosexuals, though George W tried to play devil’s advocate once. Even his best, most rational arguments were wanting. (Not that religiously motivated ones are any better, mind.)

Unscripted public responses to gay-bashing in Texas

2 thoughts on “Unscripted public responses to gay-bashing in Texas

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    I literally cried when I watched this video the first time.
    Seriously….I’m a sissy.

    This post is somewhat timely as I have been in an often heated online debate about gay marriage at a Christian blog for the last week. I have made headway in whatever sense you can claim to gain ground with people who have no interest in reason.

    Of course, none of the people I’m debating with have any “major problem” with homosexuals per se, they just don’t believe that we ought to change the definition of marriage. Although they did say that da gayz shouldn’t be allowed to marry because they are notoriously promiscuous and many have over 1000 sex partners. Oh, and the divorce rate among da gayz is waaaaaaaaaay higher than among heteros in states that allow gay marriage. It all seems so funny to hear them say “Not that there’s anything wrong with that” and then say “These people are fucking subhuman”.

    The icing on the cake? One of them said that marriage is necessary for the stability and moral integrity of society, so that is why it should not be afforded to people who have less stable and moral relationships.
    Yep. That’s the best argument ever!

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