Happy Blasphemy Day! Up your god’s arse!

Today is International Blasphemy Day. Atheists everywhere are insulting your invisible deity, whomever he or she might (not) be, in protest of the stripping of rights, in certain countries, to publicly and vocally disbelieve in anything that someone might find offensive. These countries include Canada, in a limited fashion thankfully, but the fact that Canada — one of the most progressive and modern countries in the world — has a blasphemy law is unreal.

Let’s make this perfectly clear. Blasphemy is anything up to and including publicly doubting the existence of a supposedly omnipotent, wrathful and jealous deity. The merest fact that such a deity would be well capable of punishing doubters (and in every religion’s foundational texts, does so!), obviates the need for a blasphemy law as not only redundant, but usurping your deity’s divine right to exact vengeance for slights against him.

And we’re not protesting just because it’s a ludicrous and gross violation of human rights. We’re also protesting because some people have been attacked, or had to go into hiding, because they once drew a picture of a prophet who may or may not actually care about drawings.

Interestingly, in Canada, there’s a proviso that, according to Wikipedia, ‘is not an offence against this section to express in good faith and in decent language, or to attempt to establish by arguments used in good faith and conveyed in decent language, any opinion whatever on any religious subject.’ That, coupled with the fact that atheists are demonstrably better informed about religions than the religious, means only that I have to avoid swearing when debating religion in public in order to have a decent defense against a charge of blasphemy.

Fuck that shit, though. As far as I’m concerned, gratuitous swearing is good enough for television, so it’s good enough for me. There is not a shred of fucking evidence for the deity your dumb ass has postulated, and the burden of proof is on you motherfuckers. Anyone that thinks I should be put in jail for writing that sentence can go fuck themselves.

Happy Blasphemy Day! Up your god’s arse!
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9 thoughts on “Happy Blasphemy Day! Up your god’s arse!

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    Yeah, but yesterday was Blasphemy Day, George. Today, you’re just being an asshole a militant atheist, ruining day 14 of Oktoberfest for angelic Christians and helpful Muslims, and proving that you are worse than Hitler (who was also an atheist!)

  2. 4

    God loves pedophiles. I just thought you should know. Don’t believe me? Ask the pope.
    Mohammad was a diddler of young girls.
    Oh, shit! God loves mohammad! Did I just prove that Islam is more likely true than Christianity?
    I’m so going to hell. If by hell you mean I’m going to die one day and cease to exist.
    Tell your pathetic excuse for an imaginary friend to smite me for that one, bitches.
    I love blasphemy day…..

  3. 7

    I love it, Jason!
    You should run with that. Although that would also be a more appropriate title for sinned’s blog, well, at least the beer and blasphemy part.

  4. 8

    Well, I do love bacon, but I just can’t bring myself to steal somebody else’s slogan. I’m a nerd, so I’ll either stick with my own slogan (that I’ve actually been running since 2002. Shh! Don’t tell anyone!), or pull a Weird Al and craft a twisted version of somebody else’s slogan.
    “The most distrusted name in blogging”, anyone? How about, “Fairly Unbalanced”? No? Maybe, “Close, personal friend of Satan/Jason”? Meh, I give up. I’m heading to the Irish Heather for another cask aged ale!


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