Update on Avaaz petition vs Sun TV aka ‘Fox News North’

Just received this via e-mail, having subscribed to the Avaaz petition against Stephen Harper’s attempt to force Sun TV, the propaganda wing of the Conservative party, on all cable users. This is the infamous “Fox News North” station about which Harper commiserated with Murdoch et al.

Dear amazing Avaaz community across Canada,

Kory Teneycke, PM Harper’s former spin doctor, resigned in disgrace last week as head of “Fox News North”, citing our campaign. Sun media threw everything at us but Canadians didn’t back down. We’re winning, but we’re not done. “Fox News North” still wants the government to force cable companies to include them in our cable packages. Let’s finish the job and rally thousands of voices asking the CRTC to stand up to “Fox News North”:

We’ve got them on the run! When 80,000 of us signed a petition refusing to be forced to pay for “Fox News North” (aka SunTV) on our cable bills, the Sun media empire threw everything they had at us – smear pieces in their newspapers, threatened lawsuits, and SunTV frontman Kory Teneycke even admitted insider knowledge of a criminal sabotage of our petition!

But Canadians didn’t back down – we donated over $110,000 to meet the legal threats, conveyed our concerns in the media on several news shows, and demanded a criminal investigation into the sabotage of our campaign. And it’s working! Kory Teneycke, PM Harper’s former spin doctor, resigned in disgrace last week as head of Fox News North, citing our campaign and admitting he had “debased the debate”.

This isn’t over. Teneycke was replaced by yet another conservative Prime Minister’s spin doctor and “Fox News North” still wants the government to force cable companies to include them in our cable packages. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) will make the decision and their deadline is approaching — let’s send a flood of public messages directly asking the CRTC to enforce its own policies, and deny a government handout to boost the crony-propaganda and smear journalism of “Fox News North”:


Teneycke’s resignation came 24 hours after we requested a criminal investigation into the sabotage of our petition. But his spin suggested it was attempt to cleanse “Fox News North” (aka Sun TV) of its reputation for crony journalism and smear tactics. That reputation was immediately upheld, however, as Sun Media just replaced Teneycke with Luc Lavoie, who was Brian Mulroney’s spin doctor and left office amid questions about a $300,000 corruption scandal.

The smears in Sun-Media’s echo chamber are that Avaaz is all Americans (why would they care about this issue?!), that our petition is fraudulent or signed by Americans, that we’re a front group for billionaire George Soros, that we’re pro-censorship, and a half-dozen other ridiculous untruths. Canadian author and national treasure Margaret Atwood has responded with an Op-Ed answering smears against both her and Avaaz in Sun Newspapers. (see links at bottom of email — also see Avaaz director Ricken Patel debate Kory Teneycke on the CBC).

This kind of crony-media and it’s smearing and often hateful tactics is undermining democracy in many countries by offering it’s propaganda services in return for political favours. We have just 10 days left to get a tidal wave of public comments into the CRTC asking for this toxic new network to be denied a special government favour to fund their launch. Click below to send a message directly to the CRTC:


Since Teneycke’s resignation, Avaaz has been flooded with messages from Canadians brimming with enthusiasm and optimism for what we can accomplish together. Together we’re taking on one of the country’s largest and most unscrupulous media empires, and we’re winning. Just imagine what’s possible for the future.

With hope and excitement,
Ricken, Emma, Laryn and the whole Avaaz team.

Margaret Atwood’s Op-Ed in the Sun:

Ricken discuses Teneycke’s departure LIVE on CBC:

Ricken debates Kory Teneycke LIVE on CBC:

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Thought you might like to know.

Update on Avaaz petition vs Sun TV aka ‘Fox News North’
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4 thoughts on “Update on Avaaz petition vs Sun TV aka ‘Fox News North’

  1. 1

    Yeah, busy-busy all around.

    If you need any further help, let me know. What little I did give, was VERY little, so I expect you’ve got things well and truly under control.

  2. 2

    I actually really enjoyed JJ’s comment on this matter. I’m also concerned about possible attempts by the Conservative Party to attempt a run-around or improper influencing of the CRTC in order to obtain a license for what seems to be a Canadian clone of Fox News.
    I don’t really have a problem with Sun TV, so long as they get their license the same way any other television station receives it. Besides, just think of how much more interesting Rick Mercer or This Hour Has 22 Minutes could be with that kind of Canadian stupidity creating content for them?
    Mind you, on some discussion forums, I still haven’t received much response to my requests for specific examples of left-wing bias from CTV and CBC that many right-wingers are always screaming about. I’ll let you know if I receive anything good.

  3. 3

    Scooped again. I got the same e-mail and was planning to do a quick post. Very busy right now with the upcoming municipal elections here in ON. Very involved in the campaign this time around…
    P.S.- Thanks for the advice Jason, got the site up and running.

  4. 4

    Go to my Facebook site if you want to see the finished product. I just Facebooked it today. Again, I’m very appreciative. I just wish I could get the site to google higher. Try it. This lady has a lot of publicity. Not all of it good.

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