"Sexuality can be so personal": Interview with Miri of Brute Reason on the “Bending” Blog Tour

1. What’s your favorite thing about writing dirty stories? What’s the most challenging thing about it?

I have two favorite things. The first is the challenge as a writer. Can I shape my sexual fantasies into writing, in a way that other people find compelling? Sexuality can be so personal: our own fantasies are so exciting to us, but just describing them doesn’t automatically make them exciting to other people. Even if our fantasies overlap with other people’s fantasies, even if what pushes our buttons pushes other people’s buttons — just a description of what happens in the fantasy isn’t enough to make it exciting. Not to me, anyway. I have to find the real core, what exactly it is about this fantasy that makes it hot for me. That’s really interesting. It’s like therapy.

The other favorite thing is that it gets me off. Sinking deep into a sex fantasy, spending hours with it, closely examining it to find out what makes it hot… it makes my clit hard just thinking about it.

The most challenging things are very closely related to my favorite things…


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To read the rest of this interview, go to Greta Christina on Writing Dirty Stories, my interview with Miri on the Brute Reason blog.

Here’s the deal: I’m doing a blog tour for my new erotic fiction collection, “Bending: Dirty Kinky Stories About Pain, Power, Religion, Unicorns, & More.” Today’s installment in the tour comes from Miri, of the Brute Reason blog — an in-depth interview with me, in which we talk about what’s fun and hard about writing dirty stories, whether writing smut has changed how I think about sexuality, how my views of religion shaped the religious porn in the book, my favorite story in the collection, the most difficult one to write (surprise! they’re the same), whether stories like mine can help de-stigmatize kink, the ethical obligations of porn writers, and what exactly the deal is with “The Unicorn and the Rainbow.” Many thanks to Miri for taking part in this tour!

And remember — the book is currently available an an ebook on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords. Audiobook and paperback are coming soon!

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"Sexuality can be so personal": Interview with Miri of Brute Reason on the “Bending” Blog Tour
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