Welcome Natalie Reed and Chris Hallquist to Freethought Blogs!

The Freethought Blogs network has recently assimilated two new members into our Borg-like collective: Natalie Reed at Sincerely, Natalie Reed, and Chris Hallquist at The Uncredible HallQ. Resistance is futile against their awesomeness! Here’s what they have to say for their own bad selves:

Natalie Reed is a magical young woman who lives in the mists and pines of Vancouver, British Columbia, where she fends off the oppressive gloom and darkness basking in the warm glow of her laptop, thinking things about stuff and writing stuff about the things. Before moving to Vancouver she lived lots and lots of places, such as Nova Scotia’s South Shore (where she grew up in a little village called Chester), the English West Midlands, the Sonoran Desert, the Carolina Piedmont, and the riot-grrl homeland of Olympia, Washington, where she earned a BA in something-erather in 2007. She can’t quite remember. Her initial interest in skepticism was motivated by snapping out of a prolonged lapse into conspiracy theory. She got her start blogging at Skepchick, where she also established Queereka, the first ever skepticism blog devoted specifically to LGBTQ issues. Her many ridiculous interests include linguistics, feminism, gender theory, queer theory, human rights issues, poetry, neuroscience, biology, Doctor Who, Dr. Strange and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. You can contact her at sincerelynataliereed (at) gmail (dot) com, and if you find yourself developing a brain-crush on her, she can be followed at twitter, as @nataliereed84. She was born with a Y chromosome but totally kicked its ass. Banner graciously designed by Shanna Cundal (www.shannacundal.com).


Chris Hallquist is the author of a book that is now out of print. In 2011, he dropped out of a Ph.D. program in philosophy at the University of Notre Dame. He is currently experiencing extended adolescence.

Why don’t you be all neighborly and shit, and drop by to say howdy!

Welcome Natalie Reed and Chris Hallquist to Freethought Blogs!
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One thought on “Welcome Natalie Reed and Chris Hallquist to Freethought Blogs!

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    Thanks Greta!

    Though it’s Hallq, not HallQ. (A tech guy must have made a mistake, I just found where in my controls to fix it.)

    Okay now I feel like Lt. Cmdr. Data from Star Trek, explaining that his name is Day-ta, not Dah-ta.

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