Jessica Ahlquist to Speak at Reason Rally!

In case you didn’t have enough reasons already to attend the Reason Rally — the big secular/ atheist/ freethought/ etc. March on Washington coming up on March 24 — now you have an even better one. Jessica Ahlquist — the high school student who recently won her lawsuit to get a prayer banner taken out of the school auditorium — is going to be one of the speakers! Ahlquist is more than just brave and tough and inspiring: she’s also a kickass speaker, who is going to tear the roof off the sucker. I am honored and delighted to be sharing a stage with her, and only hope I don’t have to follow her.

In case you haven’t gotten the memo yet: The Reason Rally is going to kick ass. There are going to be musicians, including Tim Minchin and Bad Religion; comedians, including Paul Provenza and Jamie Kilstein; and awesome speakers, including Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, Jamila Bey, Taslima Nasrin, James Randi, Dan Barker, Hemant Mehta, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Cristina Rad… and MEEEEE! (Here’s a complete list of the current speaker/ performer lineup.)

If you want to go but don’t think you can manage the travel: You have some options you might not know about. Buses are being chartered from several states; Delta is offering Reason Rally attendees discounted airfare. And several local hotels are offering discounted rooms to Reason Rally attendees.

So make this happen if you possibly can! The Reason Rally is going to be the Woodstock of atheism. It’s going to totally rock out — and if you can go, and you don’t, you’ll regret it the rest if your life. Years from now, people will be saying, “Did you go to the first Reason Rally?” Don’t be the one saying, “Nah, I could have gone, but I spent my vacation time reorganizing my CD rack instead.” Make this happen. (And check out the American Atheists convention that’s happening right after.) Hope to see you there!

Jessica Ahlquist to Speak at Reason Rally!
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7 thoughts on “Jessica Ahlquist to Speak at Reason Rally!

  1. 1

    All right, all right, I get it, I’m a terrible person for being in classes on the other side of the country. Will everyone just shut up about it?

    (About 2/3 tongue in cheek.)

  2. 5

    PZ and you and Tim Minchin?!(As well as many other awesome people?!)

    Damn, why must my college’s spring break be the week right before?

    Ah well, I doubt my parents would ship me up to Washington DC for it anyways. I’m going to have to second that I’ll be glad if there are video clips like there were for Skepticon!

  3. 6

    No passport, can’t afford it, and the US scares the crap out of me so even without the first two issues I probably wouldn’t go, but damn, I’d love to be there…

  4. 7

    I’ll be there as I live in the area. Anyone traveling here can email me just prior and I’ll give you an accurate weather forecast, as our weather is about as reliable as a holy book, and just about as miserable.

    We’d bring our cats to the mall, but I don’t think they can handle the excitement.

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