Cathursday: Random Awesomely Cute Kitten Photos

On the other hand… our kittens are very cute!

Comet, Talisker, Houdini

Here are all three of them in the sun room. And yes, we got those window seat/ cabinets with cats in mind. What’s your point?

Lots more cuteness below the jump.


Talisker. Saying, as she so often does, “Baroo?”


Houdini on Ingrid’s jewelry box. Which is hard, lumpy, and one of her favorite places to hang out. Sometimes we’re not sure if she’s mysterious and enigmatic, or just a little dim.


Comet in the sun. Damn, she’s a beautiful cat. And the sun really brings out that pale, silver, almost alien look that she has.

Talisker, Houdini, a little Comet

Talisker and Houdini snuggling face to face, apparently parked on Comet’s back.

Houdini and Talisker

Houdini and Talisker, in the sun room again. They love the sun room. What with the sun and all.

Comet and Talisker

Talisker and Comet, a.k.a. Team Tabby, once again in the sun room. We think in this picture that they’re starting to look a little less like kittens, and a little more like cats.

Comet and Talisker

Team Tabby snorgling in front of the heater. We love how much our girls all love each other. We totally hit the jackpot with these kittens: they play with us, they play with each other, they snuggle with us, they snuggle with each other. If we can get Comet to stop attacking our hands, we’ll be in kitten Utopia.

(BTW, Talisker just tried to erase this entire post so far. Apparently she’s publicity-shy. Thank goodness for Undo.)


Comet, in a rare moment of repose.


The best thing about getting a delivery of Jeni’s Ice Cream: free kitten toy with every purchase! Okay, not the best thing. But it doesn’t suck. Thanks again to the Columbus folks — and Talisker thanks you, too!


Talisker, being a sweetie-pie. Or a snorgle-puss. I sometimes get confused on these finer distinctions.

Talisker, Comet, Houdini

Talisker and Comet tag-teaming my lap, with Houdini parked on my laptop. If you’re thinking that I’m not blogging quite as much these days… this is why.

Comet and Talisker

Comet and Talisker being perpendicular. For some reason, this totally kills me.

Comet, Talisker, Houdini

And for the full-on, Hallmark Card, diabetes-inducing sweet kitten moment: All three snorgled on the sofa, interlocked like Tetris. Say it all together: AWWWWWWW!

Cathursday: Random Awesomely Cute Kitten Photos
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38 thoughts on “Cathursday: Random Awesomely Cute Kitten Photos

  1. 2

    Why cats find some things to be the perfect resting spot is one of life’s mysteries. Mine loved sitting or lying on magazines. In the middle of a comfortable carpet, they would deliberately lie down on a cold, slick magazine. In winter.

    Houdini’s probably no more dimwitted than average.

    And they’re all really cute.

  2. 3

    So many things to love in this post –

    Beautiful felines doing their natural best to be totally AWWWWWWW inducing felines. I found my 2 kitty boys snorgling together last night, one a small sleek glossy jet-black Basement cat (with a crooked kinked tail) and the other a big fluffy ultra-white Ceiling cat (Maine Coon with a 15″ tail!), completely yin-yanged and purring…

    AND Jeni’s! Glad you’ve been properly introduced. There’s a store only a few miles from my house and I don’t get to there nearly often enough.

  3. 6

    Nice! I see so many similarities between our two kittens and yours. So many places to lie and snuggle up. Also very weird places like on top of a guitar amp which has a handle sticking out the top. Go figure.

  4. 8

    Now here is a post shamelessly attracting hits :P. But looking into those eyes I wouldn’t have it anyway other way *awwwwww*.

    Forwards link to several people.

  5. 15

    Really nice pictures!!!! Thanks for sharing. Hear you about the mutual love thing; have four raised from birth (now going on six years old) and the love they show to one another I have not seen before – to the extent. Butch (one of 3 males, and the 4th is a female) has taken on the role of Chief Protector of the entire tribe – even of me! Boy, did I name him correctly! Comical, and really lovely to see their inter-actions.

  6. 24

    Ahem. I also feel obliged to inform any kitteh loving person looking for a new baby that Sylvie, sibling to these cuties, is available for adoption. 🙂

  7. 26

    Makes my day. Prompts memories of the awesomely cute stages my kitties went through on the way to being cats. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with cats — mine can totally engage and un-depress me after a really crappy day — but kittens are just charming.

    Early on in my career as cat staff, I was owned by a small Burmese named Boris who loved to attack my hand, especially if I was talking to someone and gesturing with it. I solved the problem by scooping him up every time he did it, flipping him upside down (gasp, in front of his sister Natasha, even!) and petting his belly. It took awhile, but he finally got that Attacking Mommy’s Hand => Embarrassing Treatment.

  8. 28

    We have some Ocicats that look like your cats – wish we could send you photos or some short videos (with plots) we made. One is a sci-fi thriller.

  9. 29

    I can never get thru one of these posts without saying “Aaaww”, which gets the attention of my kids, who come running. Because, as my daughter said, “We love to see cute kitties!”

    So fun! Cute kitties and a warm family memory as well.


  10. 30

    I MUST KNOW THIS: Is it tuh-LI-sker, TAH-li-sker, or TA-lis-ker?

    I’ve registered for the express purpose of having this question answered.

  11. 35

    Cute kitties! Cat + box = mucho chuckles. I volunteer at my county shelter and we just got 26 dogs and cats that were taken from one home. It is a small shelter so that more than doubled our number of animals. If anybody lives in central Minnesota please consider adopting from the Grant county humane society.

  12. 38

    Had a Torty once whose individual “spots” were not much bigger than 25 cent pieces. As sweet as she was and as much as I loved her, I have to admit that when a kitten she looked, well, sort of ugly – in a “cute” way. At about one year of age, Boots (Booty did have four white boots) grew into her spots and became an incredibly lovely and interesting looking cat. Just shows to go ya! Miss her to this day.

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