River City Ransom: Underground kickstarter

Holy shitting fuck, you guys have to see this. There’s a kickstarter by some indie devs by the name of Conatus Creative, with a not insignificant amount of Canadian developers, has the official license for an honest-to-goodness sequel to the king of 8-bit fighters, River City Ransom.

Their goal is met for Apple, Linux and Windows development, but they have flex goals for consoles. And you could get your name in the game — or your likeness, or your favorite quote — by funding at one of their higher tiers.

I totally wish I had the dosh to throw at this right now. I cannot wait to see this game. The Scott Pilgrim homage was good, but it wasn’t quite all I was hoping a modern RCR would be. This, on the other hand, would be 24 hour gameathon fodder.

(If you don’t know what the original was, here’s a great review, proving the vlogger, PixellatedMemories, eerily prescient by the end.)

Hat tip to David Rolfe who knew me well enough to know this was right up my alley.

River City Ransom: Underground kickstarter

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    Dude, that was on Reddit (and therefore, iO9, where I saw it) like 3 weeks ago. Where you been?

    On topic: I’m quite excited to see this. About every three months I pound back a few homebrews and fire up RCR on Nesticle to relive the best thing I remember about being in grade 8. I should pull my NES out of storage and see if I can find a working copy of RCR on EBay.

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