Blog Carnivals!

Blog carnival roundup!

First, there’s a nifty new blog carnival in town: Carnival of Sex and Sexuality #1, at Homo Academicus. Read it, link to it, send in your sex-related blog posts to the second edition. Let’s keep this thing going!


Carnival of the Godless #91 at State of Protest.

Skeptic’s Circle #86 at Skepbitch.

Carnival of the Liberals #64 at Sir Robin Rides Away. (BTW, the next Carnival of the Liberals has an — optional — theme of skepticism and critical thinking in American politics. Skeptical bloggers, be sure to get in on this one!)

Carnival of Feminists #58 at Be a Good Human.

And finally, always my favorite blog carnival: Humanist Symposium #19 at Letters from a Broad.

Happy reading, everybody!

Blog Carnivals!
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