UC Davis Students versus Chancellor Katehi

Someone came here and didn’t know what this was all about.  So, on Friday the Chancellor of UC Davis had the police break up a protest on the quad.  They did so with unreasonable force, spraying protesters who were sitting down quietly in the face with pepper spray, sending two of them to the hospital.  This has gone rather viral.

Today the Chancellor held a press conference, intentionally in a space too small to allow students to attend.  The students surrounded the building and the conference was ended early apparently when students got in.  The students formed two human chains, telling the Chancellor she was free to leave if she wanted and that they were peaceful, unlike her or her officers.  She hid in the building for hours before making the protestors agree to sit down and be silent as she left.  Because she is a coward.

I am so impressed with the students at UC Davis.

Images from whyamisodope1 livestream.  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/whyamisodope1

Incredible Video of her leaving in front of a silent crowd.

UC Davis Students versus Chancellor Katehi

Occupy Columbia: Evicted and Arrested

Nikki Haley ordered the Occupy Movement off the state house grounds today — she gave the word at 4:30 and they had until 6pm to leave.  Peaceful protesters were then arrested, 23 is the number currently being reported.

They removed all of their overnight stuff but were still arrested for being on the grounds after 6pm.

“Suppression of unpopular ideas is a tradition in South Carolina, and this is no different” – Jay Bender on #occupycolumbia

Occupy Columbia: Evicted and Arrested

Savant Brain Meme

I feel this way so often, I feel like I must make a base image so I can make one for every circumstance!  Because I think I have felt this way about 10 times this week.

The image is all Scott Adams/Dilbert

“It is unfortunate that some protesters chose to obstruct the police by linking arms and forming a human chain to prevent the police from gaining access to the tents. This is not non-violent civil disobedience.” -Robert Birgeneau Chancellor of UC Berkeley.

My reaction:

But it can be used in all sorts of ways.

Savant Brain Meme